Soccer drills for passing

  • Put pawns as given
  • Each pawn 1 player
  • Start in the corner and pass as given
  • Player runs ball behind
  • Left bottom corner dribbles back to start (last player in the game)

  • Player in red plays a long ball to the goalkeeper
  • Goalkeeper rebounds
  • Red comes running in and plays to blue
  • Blue takes the pass, turns and sends white deep
  • White crosses while blue defends on red

  • Red passes to Blue
  • Blue to White and
  • White to Red
  • The exercise was mainly done to learn to move on after a pass.
  • So pass and walk on.
  • This in combination with crosses and finishing makes it a nice exercise for the boys (7-8 years) and useful as a match situation (also without resistance).
    • 1 player red passes to blue player and runs towards the corner.
    • 2 Player blue rebounds in the depth towards the corner.
    • 3 Player red passes to incoming player blue.
    • Player blue finishes off the ball.

Points of attention

  • Good pass in.
  • Get in the ball before the handover.
  • Handover in the deep.
  • Do not run in too early when finishing.
  • Place cones as shown.
  • Player 1 gives a long pass.
  • Player 2 takes the pass, dribbles around cones and shoots the ball over a small goal into the back of the goal.
  • Variant :
    • Player 2 dribbles around pawns and then rebounds with player 1 to shoot over goal.
  • 2 players at 7m from each other.
  • One player works and goes left and right to get the ball and pass.
  • After the pass walk backwards to the cone and then forward to the other side.
  • Change after 3 minutes.
  • Variation;
    • Play in 1 go, increase distance, how many times in 2 minutes?
  • Passingdrill: get into the ball, play and move on

Passing drill: small group maximum of two touches
Moving between the lines and always thinking ahead
  • Short direct passing
  • Correctly turned in
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