Soccer drills for passing

  • Player ''WHITE'' Sinks in to retrieve the ball from the goalkeeper.
  • Goalkeeper passes ball to ''WHITE''.
  • Player ''WHITE'' Dribbles towards player ''BLUE''.
  • At his starting point, he passes to Player ''BLUE'', ''WHITE'' runs on.
  • Player ''BLUE'' rebounds the ball to ''WHITE''.
  • Player ''WHITE'' passes to player ''RED''.
  • Player ''RED'' dribbles towards the 16.
  • Around the middle of the field, RED passes to BLUE2.
  • Player "BLUE2" rebounds the ball to "RED".
  • Player ''RED'' shoots the ball on goal.
  • The ball goes through the goal.
  • WHITE takes the position of BLUE.
  • BLUE takes position of RED.
  • RED takes position from BLUE2.
  • BLUE2 takes position of goalkeeper. (not necessary if you have a goalie).
  • Minimum 5 persons, to get and keep speed at least 7.
  • Each player receives a number beforehand.
  • Players move randomly within the indicated space.
  • After receiving the ball, it is passed to the next player.
  • How many balls can be passed at once?
  • Within the defined field, play is 4x4.
  • At each edge a neutral player stands.
  • This player is not allowed to enter the field, but has to move (offer).
  • Switching is easy when every team has its own colour.
  • Handball.
  • Long ball.
  • Shooting outside the 16.
  • Short pass man on the right, getting inside the ball.
  • Short handball, moving around the declarer.
  • Tight short pass to striker.
  • Handball to right player.
  • Tight ball between the lines in the deep to the outfield player.
  • Run on time!
  • Do not be offside.
  • Tight pass to the centre.
  • Finish!
  • No touch is an extra point.
  • Pass-roulette in diamond shape.
    • 1 passes to 2.
    • 2 passes to 1.
    • 1 passes to 3.
    • 3 passes to 4.
    • 4 joins the line.
  • Some points of attention:
    • Must roll ball off to begin the drill.
    • Must pass ball short (not a one meter pass).
    • Must control ball and then pass.
    • Must stand with back to sideline and take ball with furthest foot.
  • Possibly double line up.
  • 2 trainers.
  • Duration 10 min.
  • Goalkeeper 1 kicks out to goalkeeper 2 (long ball).
  • Goalkeeper 2 controls and builds up attack via A1.
  • A1 plays on opposite flank A2 .
  • A1/A2 and goalkeeper 2 build on goal K1.
  • Defenders join in.
  • Passing attackers become defenders.
  • Circle with full group.
  • Trainer stays on 1 position.
  • All players have 1 ball.
  • 1 player in the middle.
  • Orientate well once where everyone is standing.
  • Trainer calls the player by name who passes the ball to the middle player, who tries to control the ball as good as possible, and turns and passes to the trainer.
  • Repeat this until the balls are gone.
  • Pass in triangle shape then with handball.
  • Players on the outside run after the ball.
  • 2 central pawns stay in place for 2 minutes before changing.
  • Emphasis on passing:
    • Pass.
    • Accuracy.
    • Coaching other players.
  • If necessary double line up depending on the number of players.
  • Distance 15 to 20 meters.
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