Soccer drills for passing



Field setup:

Set up 2 x 2 pawns per group of 2 players. Every 2 players get 1 ball.


The ball is thrown up by one player and kicked back by the other. The following variants must be practised.


  • Head the ball back into the hands of the player.
  • Head the ball over the player.
  • Head the ball through the ground towards the player.


  • Make sure you head from your neck and don't just let the ball bounce on your head.
  • Always tighten your arm muscles and move your head towards the ball.

  • Each player stand at a pylon
  • Playing by calling a name first
  • The exercise is made more difficult by touching the ball with a maximum of 2 or 3 times.
  • Positional defending needs to be very good
  • Forcing opponent to play wide
  • Take away ball
  • Keep seeing the ball
  • Without fouls preventing the scoring of the opponent
  • Keeping an overview, seeing more than just direct opponent (covering your back)
  • Working together (creating small spaces) to hold up the other party
  • Start dribbling immediately
  • Act fast, try to pass directly


  • Both teams can score on a small goal
  • When the ball is out, dribble in
  • Dribble in at a back ball or corner kick


  • Positional defending needs to be very good
  • Forcing opponent to play wide
  • Take away the ball
  • Defend close to each other / mutual distances
  • Recognize the right moment to attack the ball
  • Active defense
  • Game can move under pressure of the defenders


  • Player 1 and Player 2 start dribbling at the same time. 
  • At the end they pass through pawns to the other side. 
  • The next player receives the ball and starts dribbling.
  • Attackers can score in a big goal
  • Defenders must intercept the ball ( prevention of goals)
  • The middle player of the attackers starts with the ball and plays the ball to one side
  • On the side, the outside player plays one-on-one with the defender, a cross follows with the center attacker and the outside player from the other side closing in on the goal.
  • If the defenders get rid of the ball, the attackers turn and a new attacker plays the ball to the other side.
  • When the defenders have intercepted the ball three times, the defenders switch between them


  • Player 1 passes the ball to player 2. 
  • Player 2 dribbles along the pylons, passes at the end to player 3. 
  • Player 3 bounces the ball back to player 2, player 2 finishes. 
  • Player 3 fetches the ball, 
  • Runs over to stand on the spot of Player 1
  • Player 1 to Player 2, 
  • Player 2 to Player 3. 
  • Player 1 does exercises on the ladder
  • At the end of the ladder is a ball
  • With the ball he dribbles along pylons that are wide spread (conditioning)
  • At the last pylon he shoots at a small goal
  • Get your own ball, shoot back to the end of the ladder
  • If player 1 is at the end of the ladder, player 2 can begin 
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