Soccer drills for passing




There will be played 8 against 4.

6:3, 7:3, 7:4, 9:4 or 9:5 is also possible.

With more or less players the dimensions have to be adjusted.

The 8 may score after 5 passes.

The 4 may always try to score.

If the ball is intercepted by the 4, if the ball goes out or after scoring, there must be counted again.

After, in total, 5 goals or after 10 minutes, teams are switched

To make it easier or more difficult, the number of replaying can be changed.

Points of attention:

Use the left and right foot.

If possible keep the ball low

Assuming the right foot.

Correct ball speed.

Direct play.


This exercise can be used for each category in the warm-up.

  • Both players A lead the ball to the middle pilon where they perform a chop and then play the ball to the next player. 
  • After the pass, the player runs diagonally to player B who throws in the ball and players A heads it in the goal.
  • The player that performed the header then takes the ball and stands behind goal, 
  • The other player joins the group that has to perform the movement
  • Put two groups opposite to each other.
  • The player in front passes the ball to the front of the other group and sprints to the other group and join them at the back.
  • The person who receives the ball plays the ball back to the opposite group to the one who is then in front and joins them at the back.
  • This repeats itself constantly and with good overplaying and sprinting it is a very active exercise.
  • Number 1 plays 2 and plays a 1-2
  • 1 opens to 3 which puts the ball ready for number 4.
  • Number 4 finishes off on the goal with left leg.
  • After this number 5 starts towards 6 etc. Number 8 finishes off with right foot. 
  • Player 1 stands on the edge of the 16 meter / 11 meter dot (depending on the level of the players)
  • Player 2 stands on the edge of the centre circle and plays the ball in on player 1.
  • Player 1 plays the ball to player 2.
  • Player 2 shoots at goal.
  • We'll start with number one.
  • - Number 1 plays number 2.
  • - Number 2 plays the ball back to 1.
  • - Number 1 sends number 3 away towards the back line.
  • - Number 3 gives the ball so number 4 can finish.

1 goes to 2

2 goes to 3

3 goes to 4

  • field 15 m wide.
  • Make groups of three. 
  • Each player of a group goes either left, straight or in the middle.
  • The player in the middle asks for the ball and plays it firmly to the other player
  • Player in the middle turns and asks for the ball again but on the other side.
  • 1m full on and then switch.
  • all players on the left get the ball.
  • Player 2 runs in and asks for the ball.
  • Player 1 plays in and gets it right back.
  • Player 2 runs around the pilon and asks for the ball again.
  • Change role after 10 times.
  • Inside

    > heads

    >inside high


let them walk out after they've played the ball.

  • number 1 plays number 2.
  • number 2 plays the ball back to 1
  • 1 puts the ball in between 5 and 6. 
  • 5 plays to 6 
  • 6 puts him ready for 2 so he can finish on goal
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