Soccer drills for passing



  • Bowling: 1 player of each team takes turns kicking a ball from 5m to 10 cones.
  • And tries to kick as many cones as possible.


  • 10 cones in pyramid shape
  • 5 m further a game from where the players may kick.


  • 10 min


  • Take a good look
  • Accurate passing


  • start at 5m
  • then 10m



  • Keeper runs in and opens wide so that the ball can be played to the wing or the opening tail.
  • After 5 min change sides.


  • Full field (35 x 25 m)


  • 10 min (2 x 5min)


  • Which team scores the most when they attack.



  • Free standing and free running + correctly positioned receiver "PLAYABLE".
  • Play or show that you're free "SPEAK"
  • Play the ball with the right foot, the right speed and accurately "ACCURATE".


  • Play deep if possible "DEEP"
  • Open wide if depth fails "WIDE"


  • Box training
  • Line up:
  • 4 pilons in box shape at 2m distance from each other.
  • 4 pilons round at 4m from each other.
  • Task 1: Drive the ball to the other side through the middle box without colliding.


Task 2: Drive the ball to the first pilon with the left foot to the right and take it to the next pilon to the right of starting position.


Task 3: Drive the ball to the first pilon with the right foot to the left and take it to the next pilon to the left of starting position.


Task 4: Drive the ball to the first pilon with the left foot to the right and pass the ball to the player on the right of starting position (pass with right)


Task 5: Drive the ball to the first pilon with the right foot to the left and pass the ball to the player to the left of starting position. (Pass with left)


  • Player plays the ball to a fellow player, this player passes the ball back.
  • Player runs in on the ball and plays on the second player who is on the 16 yard box
  • This player also passes the ball.
  • 1st player runs in and shoots at goal
  • 4 players in a row.  
  • the first pass is short 2nd middle 3rd pass longest.  
  • Change from long to short also change feet.
  • Asking the ball and turning with a cross
  • Third man comes in


This exercise can be used for each category in the warm-up.

  • Both players A lead the ball to the middle pilon where they perform a hijacking movement and then play the ball to the next player. 
  • After the pass, the player walks diagonally to player B who throws in the ball on which player A kicks in. 
  • The headed player then takes the ball and stands behind goal, 
  • The other player joins the group that has to perform the movement



  • No. 1 or goalkeeper takes a goal kick
  • No. 2 takes the ball
  • No. 2 gives a depth pass on no. 3
  • No. 3 plays in on no. 4 this comes in the ball
  • No. 4 makes room for the incoming player
  • No. 3 plays no. 5 to
  • No. 5 takes the ball and scores

Structure of the exercise form

  • At number 1 two players with a ball
  • At 2, 3 and 5 three players
  • Move from 1 to 5
  • If there is no goalkeeper then 5 goes on goal
  • Increasing/reducing distances
  • Responding to the outer leg
  • Eye contact and getting into the ball
  • At position 4, add a defender
  • Ball over the ground and/or through the air
  • In case of delay, player 1 takes the goal kick


  • When No. 1 has control over the ball, only then come into the ball
  • At no. 4 first away from the ball and then into the ball
  • Ensuring that one does not fall short of each other that's easy to defend


Field setup:

  • Place 2 x 4 x 2 pilons next to each other so that two streets of pilons are formed.

The course of play:

  • The players have to try to pass exactly through the pilon street and then sprint through it after the ball. 
  • Another player (white) receives the ball and dribbles to the other street. 
  • There this player does exactly the same towards player 3.
  • Player 3 starts again on the same spot as player 1.

Laws of the Game:

  • The ball must pass through the pilon street.
  • If you hit a pilon, you have to sprint to straighten the pilon and try again.
  • The ball must pass all pilons before the receiving player can take it.

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