Soccer drills for positional play

  1. Put out a field with pilons and indicate the border
  2. Make a team of 4 to 5 players.
  3. These form a human chain by giving each other a hand
  4. On signal, the chain should touch the others without letting go of each other
  5. Nice exercise for group bonding.

Make 4x a square of 10m x15m with 16 players

  • 1 player (X) in the middle
  • 3 players on the lines of the square with 2 balls
  • Player X is played by player A on the corner.
  • Player X takes the ball and moves to the other corner of the square and plays player B.
  • Player A on the corner runs to the next corner.
  • After this player D plays in on X who then takes the ball open again and passes on.
  • What follows now is a kind of carousel. 
  • The ball always goes crosswise, from one corner to the other.
  • Variation in this is to play the other way around.
  • Player X controls the ball with his right foot and turns and then continues to pass with the left foot.
  • Make sure you stand lightly on the forefeet here.
  • Make sure you respond quickly and cleanly
  • Also pay attention to the ball and running line
  • Defense to attack in a 1-4-4-2.
  • Here the running forms of the attack and defence are important.
  • Form 2 of the 2 where the focus is on the outfielder 7/8 creates space for the 2/5 .
  • Here the 6 of the bb game is used to give the through ball
  • The exercise can be done without or with defense.
  • It is important that they do not play the ball directly on the 7/8 from the moment they own the ball.
  • First move the ball for some time between 3->4 4->5, where 5 gets up high as soon as the ball goes from 2 to 3.
  • When 5 receives the ball not directly to the 8 games but first back to the 4.
  • From 4 to the 3 and from 3 to the 2.
  • Let the defense get through the right running lines at the right time before they play the ball to the 7/8.
  • As soon as the ball goes from the 2 to the 7, pay attention to the correct running lines of the 7.
  • Creating space for the 2 is done by letting the 7 get into the ball and bouncing the ball to the 6.
  • After the bouncing from the 2 to the 7 the 2 have to make a running action in the depth.
  • The 7 plays the ball on the 6 that comes under the ball.
  • The 6 then plays the ball deep on the 2 with the 9 running to the first post, the 11 diagonally behind the 9 and the 8 around the second post in a line behind the 11 and 9. 
  • 10 comes on the 16 meter line and the 7 diagonally behind the 2.
  • Both teams can score in a big goal
  • When the ball is out, dribble or play the ball back in play
  • Whenever a goal is scored, goal kick or corner kick, the goalkeeper starts his own goal.
  • (Possibly) substituting after every goal, goal kick or corner kick


  • Both teams can score on an ordinary goal with goalkeeper
  • If the ball is out at the sides start at goalkeeper
  • Corner kicks are taken
  • Initially without offside


  • Normal rules of the game (competition)
  • Check that what has been learned is understood and applied in a match form
  • Has the objective been achieved?
  • To see the relationship between the solutions/possibilities offered in the previous exercise forms and a game (competition)


  • 5 players in a square of 8 x 8 meters. 
  • On each corner 1 player and in the middle a player. 
  • The ball is passed around. 
  • The players who play the ball around may only touch the ball twice. 
  • The player in the middle has to touch or conquer the ball. 
  • If he/she already has or has touched the ball, this player takes over the position of the player at the corner that touched the ball last. 
  • The player playing the ball outside must also take the place of the player in the middle.  
  • Two rows of players
  • 1 row is attack
  • 1 row is defense
  • Trainer plays the ball on to a random attacker
  • Defender must run after the attacker to defend
  • Attacker must bounce the ball back in time
  • Pay attention:
    • pass good
    • receive good
    • bounce good