Soccer drills for shoot


2 teams

  • The players have to play football 4 against 2 and must have replayed at least 3 times in the attack and a maximum of 10 times before scoring.
  • When a ball is taken off/ touched/ crosses the line or a score is scored, there must be a switch between attacking and defending.  
  • When there is no overplay, no scoring is allowed. 
  • The idea is to be able to play a game in corona time.
  • The idea comes from a table soccer game
  • Each player has his own space they are not allowed to leave.
  • By passing, the ball can be brought to the other player
  • Defense is allowed as long as it remains in his/her own discipline.
  • The field can be adjusted to the number of players

Further goals:

  • Passing
  • Positioning game
  • Shooting Distance

  • The exercise can be made more difficult by making the game faster
  • By only hitting the ball 2 or 3 times and playing quickly
  • After all, during a match you don't have that much time either
  • Pass and kick with variations in finishing and build-up
    • Keeper throws out, striker gets the ball and closes in
    • Keeper shoots out, playing striker with back to goal, striker turns away
  • Put pylons as on picture
  • Player 1 passes to player 2
  • Player 2 passes back to player 1
  • Player 1 plays long pass on player 3
  • Player 2 sprints to the 16 meter line in front of the goal
  • Player 3 gives hard pass over the ground for the 16 meters
  • Player 2 completes directly

  • Duration: 
    • +-20 min
  • Distance: 
    • 16 meters area
  • Execution: 
    • Defenders start next to the goal. 
    • They play to the middle attacker.
    • Then run into the 16 meters for defense. 
    • First keep a fixed group of attackers and defenders.
    • Change after a few minutes
  • Coaching moment: 
    • Attackers 
      • Remain playable in 3 angles
      • Right time through-ball
    • Defenders 
      • Compact together
      • Provide back coverage
  • Duel: form 2 groups against each other with finishing.
    • First on the right then on the left.
    • Defender A plays on flank B.
    • B controls the ball between the pilons.
    • Places the ball ready to finish.
    • Turned inside.
    • Finish on small yellow target. 
    • Do the same on the other side. 
    • When a point is scored, turn the pilon upside down
    • Whoever scores 5 point first (centrally) wins. 
  • Move over:
    • A becomes B
    • Possibly with goalkeeper. 
  • 4 pilons as on picture
  • Each pilon 1 player
  • Rest of players at 1st pilon
  • Player 1 plays first left player 2
  • Player 2 bounces back on player 1
  • Player 1 gives a deep pass on the same left side to player 3
  • Meanwhile, player 2 walks to the 16 meter line
  • Player 3 moves wide, player 2 moves round
  • Player 1 to player 3 position
  • Player 3 to player 2 position
  • Player 2 (who has completed) takes ball and joins row of player 1 (start)
  • Then on the right side the same
  • Put pilons as on picture.
  • Player 1 passes to player 2.
  • Player 2 turns open and gives depth pass to back line.
  • Player 1 sprints deep to depth pass and gives a cross to the edge of the box.
  • Player 3 communicates/calls and catches this pass (or takes or rounds immediately).

  • Put pilons as on picture.
  • A course for 1 on 1 duel with big goal.
  • A course for 1 on 1 duel with small goal.
  • Two players as defender on both courses.
  • One goalkeeper on big goal.
  • Each course one row of players.
  • Player passes with defender. 
  • Goes into duel. 
  • Passes and completes.
  • Same on both courses. Players change courses after the exercise is completed.

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