Soccer drills for warming-up

  • For this warm up, set out an area of 30 by 40 yards.
  • Give each player a number.


Players pass in numerical order: # 1 to # 2 to # 3 etc. as they move through the plotted area.


  • Use 2-3 balls to increase speed and awareness.
  • Make sure players are moving through the entire area and not just staying close to the players they are supposed to pass to.
  • Players should all ask for the ball when it is their turn and call out the name of the player they are going to play in themselves.


  • Have players perform special actions when making a pass, for example:
  • Play the ball in the run. The receiving player must accelerate.
  • The odd numbers may only hit once, the even numbers 2 times. Alternate this.



  • Field of 10m by 10m
  • 1 or 2 magic trees (trainers) in the middle.
  • 1 ball per player.
  • Task 1: 
    • Players walk from one side of the magic forest to the other.
    • Without losing the ball.
  • Task 2:
    • Players walk from one side of the magic forest to the other.
    • Without losing the ball. 
    • But watch out; the magic trees have woken up. 
    • And moving through the forest.
  • Task 3:
    • Players walk from one side of the forest to the other.
    • Without losing the ball. 
    • But beware; the magic trees have woken up by a storm and are moving through the forest. 
    • But there are also branches and leaves everywhere.


This exercise can be used for each category in the warm-up.

  • Both players A lead the ball to the middle pawn where they perform a cutting move and then play the ball to the next player. 
  • After the pass, the player walks diagonally to player B who throws in the ball on which player A heads the ball in. 
  • The heading player then takes the ball and stands behind goal, 
  • The other player joins the group that has to perform the movement
  • Make a square with pylons in which butter cheese and eggs can be played
  • form two groups
  • use 6 jackets, 3 yellow and 3 green
  • Play butter cheese and eggs with the jackets 
  • Hold each others right arm en bend through the knees in a squat position
  • Do the same with the left arm


  • Players face each other briefly in pairs.
  • On the ground between the two players lies a ball.
  • Trainer gives the commands: 
    • Head, 
    • chin, 
    • knees, 
    • feet, 
    • ears, 
    • BALL!
  • On the command BALL! the players must try to get the ball as fast as possible.
  • On the other commands they tap the corresponding body part

  • You can use this exercise if you want to work in positions with a defensive triangle.
  • You can apply variations where necessary and also change the distances.
  • This exercise has been given several times with youth teams as well as with the first teams.
  • As you can see in the picture we work on 2 sides.
  • Approximately the space from the 16m to the center line.
  • First player plays the ball diagonally, player B turns with the ball and plays it to C who performs a 1/2 with B. C plays the ball deep on D. It connects to the other group.
  • When A is past the zone the other group leaves.
  • Passing on A-B-C-D.
  • You can also replace player D by a goalkeeper.
  • You can do enough variations in this warm-up exercise. An extra 1/2 for player D. Or player B who moves on the pass of C and responds to D. And so on.
  • Let the exercise run for about 4 minutes before inserting a variation.
  • Always emphasize the forward rotation of B.
  • Take care of a short passing and a short acceleration after the pass at the end of the warming up.


  • The players line up in a circle, 
  • Ideal is 6 to 8 players per circle. 
  • Per circle you only have one ball.


  • A player plays the ball to another player, chasing the ball towards the player he is playing. 
  • The second player receives the ball and plays it back to another player in the circle, 
  • He, too, will chase the ball towards the player he has just played in. 
  • This keeps repeating itself.


  • Passes must be clear and accurate.
  • The passes are played over the ground, keep the ball low!
  • Just after the pass the players accelerate (short sprint)
  • Players call the name of the player they want to play in
  • All players constantly stand on their toes, not on flat feet, to improve the speed of action.


  • You can make the game more difficult by hitting once.
  • You can play with two balls
  • Player 1, who has given the pass, should try to tap the player who has played the pass (player 2) before playing the ball to player 3, etc.
  • 3 lines a few meters apart. 
  • Each line has a name (apple pear or banana). 
  • The children start on a line. 
  • Trainer calls a fruit and the children must run to that line as fast as possible.
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