Soccer drills for warming-up

  • There is one tagger without ball and two players without ball.
  • The ball is thrown over accurately, so whoever has the ball may not be tagged without it
  • The ball may be held for a maximum of ten seconds.
  • If the tagger has intercepted a ball, the ball goes out of play.
  • If you are tagged, you go to the side when no. 2 comes to the side, no. 1 goes back into the game
  • Let the players start running slowly
  • Then let them take longer steps
  • This is a good exercise for conditioning: 
  • The group has to stand in a row and you let them start dribbling slowly. 
  • As soon as the trainer blows his whistle, the last one of the row should run forwards. 
  • You do this until everyone has been there and then you let them run out of the round. 
  • Exercise that can be used to practise short and long passing
  • Advanced players can play in one time
  • Each player moves to set up a 1-2
  • 1 passes to 2
  • 2 passes back on 1 and 1 plays on 3
  • 3 passes back on 2 and 2 plays on 4
  • ...
  • 6 passes back on 5 and 5 plays in depth on 6
  • 6 finishes off, gets the ball and joins the line


The game is played with at least 4 players 

  • 1 mouse that has a t-shirt or piece of fabric in the back of its pants 
  • 1 dog who has a tennis ball 
  • 2 cats without attribute 

  • the mouse walks around with the dog, 
  • The cats try to take the mouse's tail and bring it to their cone 
  • but the dog can touch the cat with the tennis ball and the cat must do a sort of punishment of the dog's choice in the camp.
  • with more players, a group can be made and 2 games can be played together
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