Volleyball drills for all skills

  • 2 teams (6,8,10 or 12 players)
  • 1 person in the field (inside 3m line).
  • Other players stand behind the 3m line in the waiting room.
  • T puts ball in play in field A or B.
  • You may only play the ball overhand within the 3m line.
  • After playing the ball step out and someone in the waiting room takes your place.
  • If you make a mistake, make sure you have the ball safe and encourage your teammates.
  • If all the players of a team are eliminated, you have a point.
    • Idem only underhand play
    • idem overhand play only outside the 3m line
  • You lay down two steps.
  • When the children have had both sets of stairs, they get a ball which they have to pass.
  • This can be short, long or hit.
  • I'm going to divide the court into 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
  • If I say 2, they must serve in spot 2.
  • When I say 4, they must serve in spot 4.
  • They take turns serving, so I can see who is successful and who is not.
    • 1 is at left back,
    • 2 is between left and center,
    • 3 is at center back,
    • 4 is between centre-back and right-back,
    • 5 is right back.
  • 2 and 4 are often the positions where there are no players if the pass is made by 3 players.
  • If the pass is made by two players, there are no players on positions 1, 3 and 5.
  • You can extend this with for example:
    • Position 1 short.
    • Position 5 sideline. p
    • position 4 back line etc.


  • Divide the players into two groups, one on each side of the net.
  • Per half 2 players in the field, the others behind them.
  • When a player has played, he leaves the field and another player enters the field.
  • Trainer puts the ball in play and the players play the ball only underhand in one go to the other court.
  • Games up to 25 give extra challenge.
    • Define the trajectory of the ball,
    • move quickly,
    • passing to a certain position,
    • communication with teammates.
  • variation on Kings Court with 3 players per team:
  • only play overhand and play over the net,
  • all 3 players of the team have to play 1 time
  • and there is a second ball in the team which has to be passed between the 3 players of the own team (to play bra).
  • Trainer brings ball easily to the new team.
  • Every ball on the ground is a foul.
  • Tactics (where to play the ball),
    • bra technique,
    • communication between the players.
  • Teams of 3 or 4 players.
  • One team on each side of the net.
  • One court is the winners court (Kings Court).
  • From the other court is served.
  • The team that wins the point goes to, or stays on, the winners court.
  • The losing team leaves the court and is replaced by a new team who will also serve.
  • (be ready with a ball !).
  • Only self made points from Kings Court count.

Make two equal groups;

Number 1 starts and walks to the centre pawn and from the centre to the other pawns as follows;

1. Right front back to the middle2
. Left front back to the middle3
. Right back to the centre4
. Back right to the center.

Then he taps the next one in line and he does the same.


  • 2 players with 2 (different) balls.
  • 1 ball is only passed overhead about 3-4 meters,
  • The other ball is thrown over in the opposite direction.
  • The players move from one sideline to the other sideline.
  • If this is done hand over hand with 2 balls, the task is completed.
  • Trainer hits on 2 passers.
  • These pass, set-up and attack.
  • Then next pair
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