Volleyball drills for all skills



Improve fitness and warm up


Run in circles


Run in circles around the field(leave about 2m between them)

  1. when trainer claps 1 time - pump 1 time
  2. when trainer claps 2 times - sliding dive
  3. when trainer claps 3 times - tapping the net
  4. when trainer claps 4 times - sprint a whole circle around the field
  • One side of the court is a team formation, the other players stand with the trainer on the other side.
  • Other players serve to the team (no serving exercise, so moderate serving).
  • The ball will be returned to the other team, preferably in 3x, but at least in 2x.
  • It is allowed to attack, stimulate also to "look" for the holes.
    • Pay attention to the positions of the other players, are they ready to defend the ball?
  • When the ball is on the ground the team position is shifted 1 position.

A cloth is hung over the net so that the players cannot see the opposing team. In this way a rally is played.

Which team has the best reaction?

  • Each trio has a mat.
  • This can be placed anywhere in the field.
  • On the mat 5 wooden blocks are placed.
  • The opponents have to hit the mat with their serve.
  • When the mat is hit, a wooden block can be taken from the mat and placed on your own mat.
  • The first group to have no more blocks on the mat is the loser (or finished).
  • Players stay inside the 3 meter line.
  • Here they have to play over the net in 3 plays, also within the 3 meters.
  • When you have hit a ball, tap the back line.
  • Everyone on one position, we don't play center.
  • Basically you play a small game, with only rallies.
  • At each round you walk the lines as an outside attacker, walk from the front of the net to the three meter line to defend the balls within the three meter.
  • At every rally that goes well over the net, you rotate one spot.
  • See picture.
  • Take turns throwing the ball.
  • After throwing the ball touch the back line and return to the same spot.
  • Throwing good?
  • Then everything underhand. Later all above hands.


  • Player A has a ball.
  • Player throws ball forward.
  • Action during
    • Forward:
      • Left hand -> Right foot
      • Right hand -> Left foot
    • Reverse:
      • Left hand -> Right foot
      • Right hand -> Left foot

Per 2 players, 1 ball and 1 mat

  • Player A has the ball.
  • Player B holds the mat.
  • Player A stands in the correct position for underhand serve.
  • Player B slides the mat against player A.
  • Player A does an underhand serve.
  • Player A makes arm go straight.