Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Player A has a ball.
  • Player throws ball forward.
  • Action during
    • Forward:
      • Left hand -> Right foot
      • Right hand -> Left foot
    • Reverse:
      • Left hand -> Right foot
      • Right hand -> Left foot

Per 2 players, 1 ball and 1 mat

  • Player A has the ball.
  • Player B holds the mat.
  • Player A stands in the correct position for underhand serve.
  • Player B slides the mat against player A.
  • Player A does an underhand serve.
  • Player A makes arm go straight.
  • The players take one ball each.
  • There are hoops all over the field.
  • The players pass from the back line.
  • The players try to pass the ball into the hoop.

  • Per 3 players, 1 ball.
  • Player A bounces the ball and then calls out a color (blue-red).
  • Player A throws the ball over.
  • Player B goes to the potty at the net, player C goes to the potty at the back of the field.
  • Player C catches the ball. Player B catches the ball - passes key to C. C passes key.
  • Player A catches the ball.formation

When playing pass mid:

  • Row of attackers on outside (left and right), and row in the middle
  • Row middle throws ball to SV
  • SV alternating set up to left and right
  • Attack, fetch ball and connect in the middle
  • If pass right, same but pass from right, attacking from mid and outside
  • Player A stands in referee's chair.
  • Player B and C are in line-up.
  • T throws balls to B and C.
  • Player C or B tries to do reception to player A.
  • per 3
    • one player on each side of the net, Setter at the net
    • ball goes over the net and is played underhand to the setter
    • setter makes the pass and the ball can be passed to the next setter
    • the player who hit the ball goes under the net and becomes setter at that side (the player who passed the ball is always a new setter).
  • Player saves
  • Reception is made --> pass given
  • Attack --> block/ defense
  • Turn through --> block stays for a moment (service - 1 - 6 - 5 - (reserve) - 4 - service)


  • 3 players on 1 side of the field ( scoring side )
  • 3 players serve and go on the other half
  • 3 players wait for their turn
    • You can only score points on the "scoring side" of the court.
    • If you make a mistake or the other team scores, you have to leave the field.
    • If you win against the scoring side, you take their place on the "scoring side".
    • If you win on the scoring side, you get 1 point.
      • play until 1 team has 15, or a time limit and see who has the most points at the end.