Volleyball drills for all skills

  • per 3
    • one player on each side of the net, Setter at the net
    • ball goes over the net and is played underhand to the setter
    • setter makes the pass and the ball can be passed to the next setter
    • the player who hit the ball goes under the net and becomes setter at that side (the player who passed the ball is always a new setter).
  • Player saves
  • Reception is made --> pass given
  • Attack --> block/ defense
  • Turn through --> block stays for a moment (service - 1 - 6 - 5 - (reserve) - 4 - service)


  • 3 players on 1 side of the field ( scoring side )
  • 3 players serve and go on the other half
  • 3 players wait for their turn
    • You can only score points on the "scoring side" of the court.
    • If you make a mistake or the other team scores, you have to leave the field.
    • If you win against the scoring side, you take their place on the "scoring side".
    • If you win on the scoring side, you get 1 point.
      • play until 1 team has 15, or a time limit and see who has the most points at the end.

  • Receptionists line up with 3 in the backfield.
  • From the other side there is a save, emphasis is on reception and attack, not difficult save.
  • Ball is played centrally to playmaker, pass goes to position 4 or 2.
  • After the attack move to the serve. First server replaces the player who took the reception.
  • Expansion :
    • Playmaker at the net in combination with opposit or central striker.


Improve displacement and foot coordination


Speed Ladder


First all exercises at low speed, then increase speed.

  • Various exercises speed ladder (can be done with ball)
  • After speed ladder shuffle exercise defend a ball
  • After speed ladder exercise attack the ball on the outside
  • After speed ladder exercise attacking a ball at the center
  • After speed ladder excercise a turnover ball
  • After speed ladder exercise block a ball
  • place 2 skirting boards.
  • start as low as possible (1 layer)
  • Skirting boards one 'attack run' apart.
  • if necessary put down hoops
  • they jump with 2 legs onthe first skirting and land with both handsup
  • off the skirting board and then an attack run on the 2nd skirting board
    • short, long, connect, drop off. (rhythm: 1....2.3)
    • Pay attention:
      • push off with 2 legs
      • arms swing backwards during the big step
  • finish on the skirting-board with both hands in the air (if necessary, clap your hands)
  • after that 2 block jumps at the net.
    • Pay attention to side steps
  • then around the pawn and trainer throws a diving ball
    • Watch out for sliding on the belly
    • Get the ball and put it in the bin.
    • Join the back of the line for jumping
  • On both sides of the net 1 person in the field.
  • throw the ball over the net, try to score
  • Get back in line.
  • Touch the back line after you have been there.
  • If this goes well try underhand
  • With a pair 1 ball,
  • First play up for yourself, then play to your pair. Overhand and underhand combination doesn't matter.
  • After 5 minutes play above and underhand.
2 teams within 3 meters
coach puts ball in play
* players play the ball underhand over the net
player who has played; sprints to back line and back - etc.

VARIATION: instead of sprinting: 1 x dive behind 3 meter line or attack jump.
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