Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Two teams either side of the field one team.
  • Comes into the field with a man plays the ball over the not and then goes out of the field.
  • Next one enters the field and on and on


  • A serves at B
  • B plays into C
  • C sets up and B plays over the net
  • Run after own ball

  • Make threes
  • Each trio one ball.
  • Player in the middle runs an 8. Every time this player comes in the middle a ball is thrown:
    • A throws (or plays overhand) the ball to B (in the middle).
    • B plays the ball back to A underhand and then runs around A until he is in the middle again.
    • A meanwhile passes the ball overhead to C.
    • C plays the ball overhand back to B.
    • B passes the ball back to C underhand and then runs around C until he is in the middle again.
    • Etc.
  • After 2-3 minutes, the player in the middle changes.


  • To make it easier, player A and C can also have them throw instead of playing overhand. This can be an underhand throw/catch or an overhand throw/catch.
  • To practice standing still while playing/catching, you can also let player B throw and catch underhand.

This exercise is fun to do and gives a lot of fun and competition! Relays in general already create competition.

What this exercise also wants to mimic is the stress factor that a serve brings.

  • The players are divided into equal teams and lined up on the serving area of the same court.
  • The first player of a team serves and retrieves his ball.
  • After the next player is tapped, this one serves, and so on.

It is important for a player to serve quickly, but it must also be flawless, otherwise the ball must be retrieved and served again!

If the teams are small, it is fun to let everyone serve two or three times.


  • A minimum of 6 players
  • As many balls as there are teams

Click here for the meaning of the symbols.

2 teams.

  • Throw the ball quickly and tactically over the net with the aim of hitting the ground within the lines before a defender can grab it.
  • If you succeed in doing so, you earn 1 point.
  • You have to throw the ball immediately after catching it, holding the ball is not allowed.
  • Extension 1: After each action turn 1 position clockwise.
  • Extension 2: After each throwing action, walk to the net and touch it before you can go back.
  • Game to e.g. 5 points or best of 3/5/7 or certain fixed time.
  • 4 at the back line and 4 at the net with the ball.
  • You pass on the left after the action you dive to the back line.
  • And then turn right.
  • 4 laps around the field.
  • Together in a round exercises of anouk that I will show.
  • line game everyone 3 times.
  • One player at the net.
  • Everyone has a ball and the one in front has no ball.
  • The ball is played to you by the person behind you.
  • The distributor gives a setup to the outside and later also to the middle.

Two players

  • player 1 plays the ball overhand to player 2
  • while player 2 throws the ball immediately to player 1,
  • so play 1 ball constantly + throw and catch 1 ball at the same time.
  • playing high and throwing fast and aimed: time!