Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Place 3 pawns around a player.
    • 1 to the left, 1 to the right and 1 behind (working player)
  • Another player, with the ball, is going to indicate to which pawn the working player has to move (good posture = hands loose in front of the body).
  • At an unexpected moment, the player with the ball throws the ball (preferably not too easy) and the intention is that the working player defends the ball.
  • Repeat this a few times and then change players.
  • 2 teams
  • play the ball 3x and then throw it over
  • when you have played the ball tap the back line

1) Short / deep ball --> back player plays back underhand (20x then change) 2)

Left / right ball --> play back underhand (20x then change)


) Everything

mixed left / right, deep / short


Jump Exercise extra height


All stand in a circle


  • Jump up 2 times in a series of 10 x with the help of arm swinging.

It is important that extra height is gained by using your arms to swing backwards and forward when going up.


Catch / touch / defend / retrieve ball in the field


Everyone on the back line. Trainer stands next to balls basket.


  • Trainer hits the ball into the field with a bounce.
  • Players must catch / touch / defend / retrieve the ball.
  • High tempo and increasingly difficult.
Groups of 2

.1 player warm up, 1 player technique exercises

  • running to the net and back (x2) - ball between legs
  • lift the knees to the net and back - abdominal muscles
  • Heels and buttocks to the net and back - lie on your stomach, arms over the ball
  • sideways to the net and back - hold high overhead
  • cross pass to the net and back - underhand hold
  • Lunges to the net and back - one arm held high

Just play with a pair of under and overhands.

Possibly with assignments after the game:

  • Tap a line
  • Knee on the ground
  • Two hands on the ground
  • Turn around
  • ...

  • All 1 ball and stand on the sideline
    • Move to the other side of the line while pressing the key.
  • Idem
    • 3x keys
    • clap your hands
    • 3x keys
    • etc
  • Idem
    • tap the ground
  • Now the same overhead


  • A throws to B
  • B plays into C
  • C sets up and B plays over the net
  • Run after own ball

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