Volleyball drills for all skills



  • Player A throws/strikes the ball towards player C.
  • Player C passes the ball to player B.
  • Player B sets up the ball.
  • Player C attacks if the pass was good.

Goal: Try to attack/play 3rd ball on the imaginary mats (straight or diagonal).

After each ball: A to row position C, C to row position A, B change after a while.

Extension: With enough players one-woman block.

  • Divide the teams on both halves of the field,
    • inside the 3-yard line
  • Trainer throws in the ball and the teams play the ball across it to each other in 1, 2 or 3 plays,
    • try to score.
  • Every player who has played the ball taps the back line and comes back into the field


  • Trainer throws in from the net and 3 players are lying on their stomachs on the backline
  • Trainer hits the ball, 3 players stand up and the trainer throws the ball over the net
  • the 1st person of the trio defends, nr. 2 gives a setup and nr. 3 attacks

  • then next 3 team

Team formation, 6 persons. Both sides of the net (1 side less persons, if <12)

  • Service on team, pass - set - attack
  • After attack rally ball on same team (immediately set up for freeball)
  • after 3 balls turn
  • after full rotation, other team on the other side

Attention: set up for service pass, set up for attack, set up for freeball

  • Players in a circle arm in arm. In the middle pawns,
  • Try to get the other to a cone by pulling.
  • Who touches a cone gets a penalty.
  • At 5 points you get a penalty and you have to push the other one.

You can play this game with any 4 exercises you can think of.

  1. Make two pairs who will do the exercises together.
  2. Each pair gets a note with 4 boxes where they can put a code with the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  3. the trainer makes a code, this can be 4 different digits (4231) or with repeated digits (2233)
  4. the players have to do the 4 exercises in order of the code they wrote down. When they have done all 4 exercises they have to check the code with the trainer. The trainer notes how many are right and how many are wrong.
  5. the players write down the next code, and again they have to do 4 exercises that fit with the code they wrote down.

For example

  • Exercise 1: sprint back and forth 5 times between 9m
  • Exercise 2; block left, shuffle, block middle, shuffle, block right with pairs facing each other and two times back and forth
  • Exercise 3: bench, 20x on and off the bench with 2 feet
  • Exercise 4: 10x sit-up | 10x left / 10 x right
  • The first pair to crack the code wins.


Offence passes including arm movement
: practise dry-
with a skipping rope on the floor-
with 2 mats with a ditch-
with a springboard-
with a landing mat-
over a mat-


3 hoops

3 players in front of the net in positions 2-3-4.

The trainer hits the ball and the players have to decide if they want to block the ball and if so where.

  • the ball should be blocked and if so where. So the midfielder moves to the relevant side and the non-blocking front player moves back.
  • The ball comes up high and must therefore be defended. The players all move backwards except the sv

Extend this by including the 3 players at the back.


  • In a field of nine squares the aim is to make 3 in a row (butter, cheese and eggs).
  • Two teams have a pair of 2 players ready.
  • One runs to a square to occupy it, the other dribbles through the pawns and plays the ball to the square.
  • Only when the ball is received in the box it may remain there.
  • When both players of the team have run back, the next two may play.


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