Volleyball drills for all skills

  • three defenders and one playmaker in the field
  • three (or more) players stand ready as reserves behind the backline (in front of the three field players)
  • rest: serve
  • one of the three fielders defends, passes to a random field player, other field players make attacking movement
  • only the fielder who has attacked moves up to serve
  • one of the reserve players fills the vacant fielder's spot
  • at least 4 teams of 2 people
  • mark out the field with cones
  • short games in teams of 2 against 2 to 10 points
  • each team plays a match against every other team

2 groups start at the back line of each field, half spread over the whole length, pairs (per large).

  • VW walk to the net, through the net with 2 hands to partner; VW walk to the backline. 6x
  • VW walk to net, jump and clap hands above net; AW walk to backline. 6x
  • VW walk and lift heels to net, jump and clap hands above net; VW walk and lift knees. 6x
  • ZW low pull-up passes, quarter turn and jump with hands above net. 6x
  • Make 2 teams of about 5 children.
  • Each team stands on one side of the field.
  • Place 5 balls on both 3meter lines.
  • When the trainer calls "GO!" everyone starts throwing the balls to the other side.
  • Who has the most balls in his field after 3 minutes, is lost.
  • Beware: the ball may only be thrown overhand, no key and no underhand play or throw, only overhand!
  • The trainer stands on the passing spot and the line stand in a row in the middle.
  • The ball is thrown in and the ball must be played to the trainer.
  • The trainer gives a set-up and the ball is hit by the attacker outside.
  • Good pass is to move to the attack.
  • Bad pass is to join the back of the line after getting the ball.
  • 2 players/1 hoop
  • Player A hits the ball over the net from the hoop she is at 2m from the net,
  • he runs behind and catches the ball after a bounce,
  • then he dribbles twice and tips the ball back into the hoop;
  • player B catches the ball and performs the exercise as well
  • Challenge: 1 point when the ball bounces the edge and 2 points when it falls in
  • Learning the block without moving, without net with attention on hand placement.
  • Per 2 (same size), 1 ball
  • 1 person on bench with ball above head.
  • Person 2 opposite person 1. Block jump with hands to ball
  • game set-up without the outfield striker.
    • (3 man defence, 1 playmaker, centre and slide player).
  • Ball is served from opposite field, team defends and playmaker with every ball on middle or slide (possibly on bad pass 3 meter line).
  • all players are equally matched.
  • 2x normal forward field up and down.
  • 2x forward to net, backward shuffle.
  • 4x sideways pass.
  • 2x cross pass
  • 3x run to net, block, turn around and dive back into the run.
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