Volleyball drills for all skills



  • 2 players at the 7 meter line and a SV at the net.
  • 1 server on RA, someone on LA and a blocker at the net.
  • Server serves to the 2 people across the court.
  • They pass to the SV who gives a 3-meter ball or a ball at the net (discuss what you want).
  • The blocker tries to block the ball.
  • The server passes after the serve and plays out the attack (if possible).
  • Stand in pairs in the middle of the room.
  • You do with this pair 'stone - paper - scissors' and who loses must tap the winner as soon as possible.
  • The winner must try to tap the wall on his side of the room as quickly as possible.



There are two teams. These teams serve against each other. So you have to do the field vertically through the middle. On the picture you see what the left team has to do. The right team does the same but a little further to the right. The intention is to hit the person sitting down. This person has to put his butt on the ground and catch the ball without bouncing.

There is a person sitting on the other side of the table, just behind the net, on the right front side. The goal is to hit this person. You do this with your group until you succeed. If it succeeds, the server moves to the back right and the person in front of the net joins the row to serve as well. If the serve is successful and the person at the back can catch the ball without a bounce, the server may sit in the middle of the front row. If the server has a good serve on him, he will sit at the back mid court.

-->All positions are from the server's point of view on the other side of the net.

You can do that twice in a row, but you can also do that they have won if they have had all 4 positions. So it's a competition to see which of the two teams gets all 4 positions the quickest.

  • make pairs
  • 2 against 2 on a half field
  • the first ball must be passed underarms and the 2nd ball must be passed overhead
  • adjust to hit ball over it
  • overhead pass
  • 3 attackers at the net, rest at the backline
  • Attack, drop, attack => drop, attack, drop
  • slalom between the posts and connecting again
  • each 5 times
  • serve each side of the field.
  • The aim is to knock over all pawns. The side that succeeds first wins.
  • If you have an odd number of players, you put down the number of pawns that make up the team.
    • for example 4 for 5



  • on each side 4 people with the ball on the back line
  • on each side 1 person without ball between the 3 and 7 meter line
  • first you throw the volleyball which is caught, then you throw the tennis ball.
  • Extend to only throw the volleyball and then pass the ball in/or against the basket. in the basket is 2 points against the basket is 1 point. who has 10 points first.
  • You run after the ball. when you have caught it you connect to your own side of the net.field-coordination


Improve fitness and strength + warm up


To crack a code by carrying out various tasks


You can play this game with any 4 exercises you can think of.

1. Divide the group into two or three. These are the teams that will do the assignments.
2. The trainer makes a code of ten digits e.g. (24 32 14 21 33)
3. The players will do the exercises in a particular order. For example; they think the first digit is 3, so they will do exercises 3. When they have done them, they will go to the trainer and he will say whether the number is right or wrong. If the number is right, they try to guess the next number. If the number is wrong they have to do another exercise, for example exercise four, to guess the correct number.

Set 1;
Exercise 1: Push-ups 5 timesExercise
2: Sprint the distance between the back line and the middle line three timesExercise
3: Spiderman from the net to the back line and backExercise
4: Ten sit ups

Set 2
;Exercise 1: WheelbarrowExercise
2: TiggerExercise
3: Hand walkExercise
4: 15 count slice

The pair that cracks the code first wins.



The players are divided into equal teams and lined up on the serving area of the same half of the game, with each team having a passer and a catcher on the opposite side.

  • The first player of a team serves.
  • After passing and catching, catcher throws the ball to the next server (or becomes a server himself).
  • Catch joins server, passer becomes catcher
  • etc

  • If emphasis is on service: wrong serve means again.
  • If emphasis is on passing: wrong pass means stay put (again).

If the teams are small, it is nice to have everyone serve two or three times.

  • Minimum of 6 players
  • As many balls as there are teams


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