Volleyball drills for all skills



2 teams. 2 playing fields.

Setup zone and passing zone.

  • Ball must be passed into the second zone.
  • Ball is passed into the setup zone.
  • Setup is done behind the 3 meter line (ball is hit standing up over the net).
  • Setup player walks over the line of action
  • Pass player goes to setup zone.
  • New passer can only enter the field when old setup has passed the backline.


  • Player serves ball.
  • Passing to setter
  • Setup gives ball back
  • Defense to setup
  • setup for attack
  • Down ball or free ball is called
  • Defence to setup
  • quick pass to attacker

extension with block board


This exercise is for the pass and playmaker.

  • 1 must save
  • 3 passers
  • 1 playmaker

The game proceeds as follows:

  • service
  • Ball is passed to the distributor. Distributor must play the ball into the basket.
  • Players turn except for distributor.

  • Per 2 spars,
  • 1 person works,
  • alternating between short drop and a smash,
  • after 10x short and 10x smash exchange


  • This exercise is fun to do and gives a lot of fun and competition! Relays in general already create competition.
  • What this exercise also wants to imitate is the stress factor that a service brings.
  • The players are divided into equal teams and lined up on the serving area of the same court. The first player of a team serves and retrieves his ball. After the next player is tapped, this one serves, and so on.
  • It is important for a player to serve quickly, but it must also be flawless, otherwise the ball must be retrieved and served again! Group for the first time must reach a multiple of the number of players in the group.
  • If the teams are small, it is fun to have everyone serve two or three times.
  • Needed:
    • Minimum of 6 players
    • As many balls as there are teams

  • 2 players stand up on bench or cupboard
  • 1 playmaker
  • 1 attacker
  • 4 defenders
  • Coach throws ball to defenders,
    • who play to sv,
    • sv plays on attacker,
    • attacker hits ball in the block,
    • defenders make sure they are under the ball.
    • Play out rally
  • Players stand in line at the first bench
  • Jumping on the first bench
  • Jumping over the 2nd bench
  • Jumping on the lower board 2 pieces
  • Jumping on the high board 3 or 4 pieces

Exercise 1

  • Pass ball to defending player
  • Around the post and defend again

Exercise 2

  • Player on his belly on the 3 meter line
  • Player at the net hits the ball throws up and hits the ball, player on his belly comes up and defends the ball
  • step back and repeat

Exercise 3

  • player stands on the backline with his back to the net
  • player at the net calls yes and hits the ball or throws the ball short
  • player turns around and defends or ducks the ball

Exercise 4

  • player stands on a chair with a ball a little distance from the net
  • second player tries to take the ball from his hands with a block jump

One side of the net

  • Attacking player on his/her position
  • Passer ( libero if necessary )

The other side

  • 2 blockers ( center and corner ) --> 1 block if there is a center player on the other side
  • Defenders on all positions

The exercise

  • Someone passes to offensive player and libero
  • Build up and try to score

  • Blockers set up a block go for the ball
  • Defenders try to defend the ball

Attacking player gets 10 balls and he/she must try to score as much as possible.

--> possibly also let them use the 3 meter attack

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