Volleyball drills for all skills



  • Trainer stands with ball carrier at the net
  • Players divide into 2 groups
  • 1 group stands on the left side of the field other group stands on the right side of the field

  • Trainer throws the ball alternately left and right of the field,
  • players have to catch the ball and put it back in the cart and then close again on the other side.
  • Extension: players can play reception to the net and catch the ball themselves.

  • Form groups of 3-4 players.
  • Pass under/overhands as often as possible.

The aim is to shift focus, so don't dwell on it for too long but be ready for the next action straight away.

  • Make 3 teams with 1 regular volleyball and 1 tennis ball.
  • The one with the tennisball is the lummel (player 2) and stands in the middle.
  • Player 1 plays the ball to the dummy, the dummy throws the tennis ball to player 1.
  • The dummy plays the ball to player 1 and player 1 throws the tennisball to the dummy again.
  • After this player 1 plays the ball to player 3, player 3 plays the ball to the lummel, and the lummel throws the tennisball to player 3.
  • to player 3. The dummy plays the ball to player 3 again and gets the tennisball back. etc...
  • requires concentration of the players and fast switching.
    • If you don't have tennisballs you can also use 2 balls.
  • Play fanatically in pairs
  • Then player with ball at the net, gives ball at 7 m,
  • then at 3 m above, below,

A short but intensive warming up to get the heart rate up and warm up properly.
This is completely without the ball.

  • To start this warming up we first start with 2 to 3 laps around the field.
    • This is to warm up the muscles a little bit.
  • Then we stand in a circle.
    • And do the following exercises in order with a 10 count rest each time
    • 30 sec. Jumping jacks
    • 30 sec bench (with the back against the wall and knees in an angle of 90 degrees)
    • 30 sec push-ups
    • 30 sec crunch (abdominal muscles)
    • 30 sec Squats
    • 30 sec planking
    • 30 sec alternating Lunges First left and right or vise versa
      • we do this two times

  • 3 teams.
    • 1 is at the net,
    • 2 in the back and
    • 3 in the middle.
    • 1 plays bra to 2,
    • 2 plays bra to 3,
    • 3 plays bra back to 2 and then turns around,
    • 2 plays bra to 1,
    • 1 plays bra to 3 etc etc
    • Pay attention to this and after a while change the middle man.
  • Ditto,
    • Only now the middle man doesn't turn and we play the ball backwards.
    • So 1 plays to 2,
    • 2 plays backwards to 3 and
    • 3 plays the ball to 1,
    • 1 again to 2 etc. etc.
    • Pay special attention to the position of the middle man!
    • Again, pay attention to this.

Divide children into 2 different groups.
Children must save. In case of an error (outside, in the net, foot fault) the children must sit in the opposite field. Their own team can get the children free again by passing to them. If the children can catch the ball without moving from their spot, they can rejoin the game. A team loses when everyone is on the opposite side of the field.

  • With tennis balls try to throw as far as possible à right foot in front, arm yourself
  • One person throws a tennisball, the other catches it in an upside down cone. Ã right foot forward, arm yourself
  • The players take turns throwing a tennis ball against the wall and above a certain line. They try to score in the area marked off by the cones.


This exercise is fun to do and gives a lot of fun and competition! Relays in general already create competition.

What this exercise also wants to mimic is the stress factor that a serve brings.

The players are divided into equal teams and lined up on the serving area of the same court. The first player of a team serves and retrieves his ball. After the next player has been tapped, this one serves and so on.

Only when the ball lands on 1 of the 4 mats the point is counted. It is not allowed to hit the same mat twice in a row. The team that hits the mat first, a multiple of 3 of the number of players in the team, wins.

It is important for a player to serve quickly, but it must also be flawless, otherwise the ball must be retrieved and served again!

If the teams are small, it is fun to have everyone serve two or three times.


  • A minimum of 6 players
  • As many balls as there are teams
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