Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Walk 3x back and forth in a runner's pace to the net
  • Walk 3x back and forth in double-step to the net, waving your arms as you walk
  • Cross walk to the net 3x (waving your arms along)
  • 3 times back and forth sideways to the net (arms swinging)

In a circle

  • Twist ankles, knees, shoulders
  • sitting on the floor stretching hemstrings
  • 20 times sit-ups, sideways, push-ups, superman


  • Player A throws/strikes the ball towards player C.
  • Player C passes the ball to player B.
  • Player B sets up the ball.
  • Player C attacks.

Goal: try to attack/play 3rd ball on the mats (straight or diagonal).

After each ball move one place in your own group.

Extension: When there are enough players one could also choose to place a block.

- 1 and 2 hold the net 
- C plays ball in the backfield
- 1 defends on 2
- 2 sets up on 1 
- 1 hits placed to the left or right back
- 3 and 4 the next


  • Sit on the ground with your legs spread and try to grab your ankles on both sides. Then legs together and then grab the ankles with both arms.
  • Stretch your arms by bringing your left arm to your right shoulder. & vice versa.
  • Planks. right side, left side and straight plank.
  • abdominal muscles.
  • Lunges, stepping out with your right leg and left leg.

  • 2 rows per field
  • 1st row has ball which is thrown over the net
  • 2nd row holds a ball for the 3rd person. When it is his turn he throws his ball over the net when the other ball is played on the other side and then plays the ball from the other side over the net as well.
  • Continue until the ball falls

To make it more difficult more balls can be brought in or assignments can be given.

  • Place a mat at random in each field.
  • On 2 sides stand a group to serve.
  • Serve on the mat.
  • Then run after your ball and join the line on the other side.
  • Who hit the mat the most?
  • Players should try to stand as close to the back line as possible, but if they can't they can move closer to the net.


What this exercise also aims to mimic is the stress factor that a serve brings.

The players are divided into equal teams and lined up in rows on the serving area of the same court. The first player of a team serves and retrieves his ball. After the next player is tapped, this one serves, and so on.

It is important for a player to serve quickly, but it must also be flawless, otherwise the ball must be retrieved and served again!

5 rounds

Roll ball and stop

  • Row 1 players ready to stop ball
  • Row 2 players behind row 1 with the ball
  • Player 2 rolls ball and player from row 1:
    • Stops ball with right hand
    • Stops ball with left hand
    • Stops ball with foot
    • Runs around and sits in front of the ball and lets the ball roll between the legs
    • Runs around it and lies down in front of the ball, holding it still with outstretched arms
  • High tempo!

Loosen ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, wrists, and neck

Abdominal exercises:

Lying flat with elbows towards ceiling, 20 x up with head and shoulders, hands over the knee, legs in the air with your arms beside your buttocks up, legs bent ankles tap left elbow and right leg, then tap knee, right elbow and left leg, then tap knee

Planks 30 sec, hip cross over, planks sideways, scorpion, planks sideways, lunges

Play fanatically


  • 2 rows of players
  • 1 row at the left back
  • 1 row at the right back
  • 1 SV
  • create with 3 pawns a virtual line where they have to stand.
  • coach stands at the other side of the net and throws the ball somewhere in the field
  • 1 of the 2 front rows calls LOS and plays the ball to SV
  • This one becomes the new SV
  • SV takes ball and puts ball in ball pit
  • SV joins one of the rows


  • the intention is to get 3 in a row
  • 2 teams per game
  • 9 hoops in a square (3x3)
  • each team has 3 ribbons, each team its own color
  • the first of each team runs to the hoops and puts down the ribbon
  • quickly back and touch the next one
  • the first player who has no more ribbons (they are already in the square) can move a ribbon
  • the team that has 3 in a row first, has won.