Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Row of players A (+- 4 players) in the middle of the field with a ball
  • Player 1 stands on midfield well thrown by first player from row A
  • Player 1 plays ball overhand into the basket
    • bend elbows
    • extend elbows and point to ball
  • Player at the basket takes off and goes into line A.


  • Quiet walk to the other side of the hall.
  • One player indicates with a "Yes" that the other players have to do an assignment.
  • Another player gives the orders on the way back.
  • The assignments are:
    • Tap the ground
    • Turn around your own axis
    • Jump up
    • Walk backwards
    • Heels (6 times)
    • Up on your hands and feet, at the command backwards on your hands and feet
  • Squats with arm swing, bend the knees (weight backwards as if you are sitting on a chair) swing the arms downwards and as soon as you come up with the arms again, the body also comes up to the toes.--> 10 times fast, 10 times easy, 5 times super slow
  • Handwalk. Put the hand flat on the ground and walk as far as you can with the hands in front, walk back with the hands under the shoulder, push up and walk with the feet to the hands

3 players at the net at equal distance from each other (1, 2, 3, 4).
3 players on the backline (A, B, C, D).

  • Player A plays BH to player 1,
  • player 1 plays BH back,
  • player A plays BH to player 2,
  • player 2 plays BH back,
  • etc.

The moment player A plays to player 2, player B starts playing BH to player 1, etc.

  • 3 teams 1 ball.
  • A and B stand at the net and C stands opposite A on the back line.
  • A plays ball to C, C plays BH diagonally to B.
  • Meanwhile A moves opposite B and then A plays the ball BH to C.
  • After 20 x passes turn over


One scapegoat is appointed, this scapegoat must try to catch the other players within the yellow lines.

  • Has the ticker ticked 3 players? Next ticker!
  • The whole volleyball field is the playing field.
  • In the middle of the field the net hangs about 40 cm above the ground (do not tighten the bottom line for safety reasons).
  • The players and tickers can dive under the net to get to the other side of the court.
  • the players stand side by side on the back line
  • From the defensive position, one step forward is taken,
    • The players stand side by side on the back line and the upper body is moved forward as low as possible.
    • The protruding leg must be bent so that the body remains low.
    • In the meantime, the arms remain stretched out in front of the body.
    • If the back of the player passes the front foot, the player will fall forward and the arms are placed side by side on the floor to catch the fall.
  • While the hands are on the floor, the back must be drawn hollow and the body moves a little further forward.
  • The intention is that the belly hits the ground first.
  • After this the player stands again on the spot where he landed and repeats the exercise until the net is reached.
  • Usually this can be done in 2 or 3 dives.

First, a quick turn in.

1 playmaker

1 "false-dead" in the other half

1 attacker without ball

The rest with the ball line up behind the attacker.

  • Number 1 with the ball throws to the playmaker, who gives a set up and the attacker tries to score.
  • The sham is going to try to pass and catch the ball, if he succeeds, the attacker is "dead" and has to take over the place of the sham who may now join the line.
  • If the attacker scores he will get the ball and join the back of the line.
  • This continues until there is only 1 attacker left, if he scores again, he or she is the winner.
  • The last ball is thrown by the trainer.

  • Place a mat at random in each field.
  • On 2 sides stand a group to serve.
  • Serve on the mat.
  • Then run after your ball, make a dive, make a block and join the line on the other side.
  • Who hit the mat the most?
  • Players should try to stand as close to the back line as possible, but if they can't they may move closer to the net

Divide players in pairs with a net in between and a ball for each pair:

1. first throw and catch overhead (20x). After that bounce the ball under the net (20x).

2. Player 1 throws, 2 plays back overhead. Then runs to the backline to touch it and gets another ball. 15x then change.

3. Player 1 throws a ball from 2 meter line, player 2 is ready at the net to block. After the block sprint to the backline to tap the ball. 15x then change.

4. Player 1 (now standing in front of the net) throws a ball to player 2 on the backline. Player on backline passes back underhand, runs to the net, taps it and runs back to backline. 15x after that change.

5. finally play over together.

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