Volleyball drills for all skills


The purpose of the core is that the players can play the ball overhead.

  • The players stand in pairs facing each other and play overhead.
  • Hands well above the head, from the legs, stretch the body and point to the ball
  • The players stand further and further apart.

  • Then we form two rows diagonally across the field and we play BH, chase your ball


  • 3 teams 1 ball.
  • A and B stand at the net and C stands opposite A on the backline.
  • A plays ball to C, C plays BH diagonally to B.
  • Meanwhile A moves opposite B and then A plays the ball BH to C.
  • After 20 x passes turn over


  • If the service is wrong (out or in the net), the player must lie down in the field on the other side of the net
  • The player may return if a team-mate serves exactly where he lies.
  • 3 teams, per 3 teams 2 balls.
  • 2 persons at the net - 4 meters apart - 1 person in the back (6 m).
  • Pass 25 balls in high tempo.
  • Accent on staying low

Apart from technique, communication is important in volleyball. And both aspects also apply to this exercise. And reacting adequately to situations that go differently than normal. In this kind of exercise you can see very well how different players are.

  • We start with 5 minutes of serving for everyone.
  • Then this exercise begins


  • Three players line up to pass (numbers 3, 4 and 5). Player 2 stands ready at the side of the same court. The other players are ready with the ball to serve on the other side.
    • Player 1 serves the ball (and then immediately runs to where player 2 is already standing)
    • A player passes the ball. Another player gives a setup. And the third player plays the ball over the net. All three players must play the ball, either a pass, or a setup, or an attack.
    • Once the ball is over the net, the players turn: 2 goes into the court (where 3 was first) 3 goes to mid-back, 4 goes to the spot of 5 and 5 goes the serving spot of the other half.
    • Then the next player can serve, on the drawing this is player 8. Etc.
  • Team setup, when possible on two sides.
    • 1 side serves the team
    • team that receives service tries to score.
    • After scoring 3 times, rotate 1 position.

Team setup side A, remaining players side B in two rows at position 2 and 4. Attacking the team.

Emphasis is on proper blocking and defense. In defence make sure you are low, on your front feet and move until the ball is hit.

Note: what are your agreements in defence with regard to the block?


Playing in pairs fanatically.

Block defend with dive

  • 1 blocks first at the centre and then at the left front.
  • after the block, turns around and defends back the attack of 3.
  • then defends (in dive) short ball from 5
  • 2 is next
  • Turn over: 1 to short ball, 3 to blocking, 5 to attack
  • Watts relay:
  • 2 (or more) groups competing against each other.
  • For each group there is a cotton wool and that must be brought from one side to the other by means of a dive and blowing once.
  • You may start as soon as the person in front of you taps you

3 players along each side in the field and the reserves outside the field along each side.

  • Ball is played in by player of winning team: every person along one side of the net must have touched the ball. The ball must be played behind the 3 meter line.
  • Team that makes a mistake runs to the other side, taps the wall and then looks to see where there is room to slide in.

Possible variations:

  • Ball must be passed OH/ BH.
  • Must be behind the 3-metre line.
  • Must be passed over.
  • Must be passed from 6.