Volleyball drills for all skills


1 side of the field: 1 player on 2, 1 player on 4 on the 3 meter line (possible reserves)

Other side of the field: 1 player on 2 and on 4 at the net, 1 player on 5 and on 1 (possible reserves)

  • Throwing over Players on the 3 meter line on 2/4 are going to throw over the ball in overhand technique to 1 and 5. These players will catch the OH and bring it to 2/4 at the net. After-action: Blocking at the net + diving off after having passed the ball.
  • Passing: To 1/5, still bring ball to 2/4. 2/4 at the net go and catch the ball BH in correct technique. After-action: Blocking at the net+ diving off after a hit.

1 person in the middle on the other side of the net:

  • Ball is skipped/thrown to 1/5 (make clear choice), 1/5 play ball to center of field(3) 1 meter from net.
  • This person is going to play the ball to the one who has not taken a reception. When 1 has taken reception, 5 comes to the net in front and is going to hit this ball to 1. 1 brings this reception back to 3.
  • 3 turns to other side by RS stays standing, attacker becomes 3, reserve comes in.
  • After-action: block + tap wall
  • We play with 3 players on one field
  • After passing the ball the player blocks and walks backwards through the ladder to connect with the other players
  • on either side of the net.
    • Players play a game in which the ball must be played over the net in one go.
    • After playing the ball, walk forwards to the net and make a block
    • If you get the ball on the ground near the opponent's sideline (trainers referee if it is close enough) the opponent must run around the opponent's field.
    • You can only score behind the 3 meter line/ against the sideline/backline

A few turns on the loose

Knee prevention:

  • Squats (2x12)
  • Lunges (12 each side)

Back/pelvis prevention:

  • Planks (side and straight plank) (20sec each)
  • Side stance and leg raises (15x each side)

Shoulder prevention:

  • Flat on the floor and arms at 90° and lift (15x)

3 teams A B C

  • A plays BH to B
  • B plays BH backwards to C
    • The elbows are outwards when playing backwards.
  • C plays BH to B
    • C has to play and stretch from the knees
  • after 10x 1 spot turn


  • Pay much attention to the following accents:
    • Make sure that the player stretches completely and points the ball 'behind'.
    • And when playing backwards, make sure the elbows are well apart and extended backwards as well.
  • Hopping over the bank
  • Slalom around the pawns.
  • Attack pass to the net and shuffle backwards diagonally (3x attack pass and 2x shuffle).
  • Step under the net.
  • Sideways past the net with head under net edge.
  • Make a dive across the field.
  • Walk around the pawn and sprint over the backline.
  • Run back to starting position.


  • Line of attackers on the outside,
  • nr 2 throws ball to SV
  • No. 1 attacks on the outside, paying attention to the run.
  • After that row of attackers in the middle.

Play fanatically in pairs.

Then in 3 teams

  • 1 at the net
  • other 2 on 2 sides in the back of the field
  • B throws the ball to A
  • B passes under the net
  • A plays the ball UNDER HANDS to C
  • C plays the ball UNDER HAND to B
  • B catches the ball
  • B throws the ball to C
  • B passes under the net
  • C over the net to A


Running in

  • 3 x run
  • 3 x run with arms waving
  • 2 x sideways
  • 2 x cross stride
  • 2 x heels-buttons
  • 2 x knee lifts

Loosening ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, wrists

Abdominal exercises:

  • sit ups
  • knees 90 degrees, sit ups and your hands touch under your knee
  • knees to the left, up
  • knees to the right, up
  • lie down, arms swing to your feet
  • tap ankles
  • planks
  • mountain climbers


  • fanatically playing in pairs
  • Then player with ball at the net, passes ball on 7 m
  • Then at 3 m on top and underhand
  • After that at 7 m, at 3 m
  • 5 red balls

Throw ball, run, pass and catch

  • Row 1 players ready to play ball
  • Row 2 players behind trainer with the ball
    • Front pushes trainer ball in hand and joins row 1
  • Trainer throws the ball into the field and player from row 1:
    • Runs to the ball, 1x OH and then catch
    • Runs to the ball, 1x BH and then catch
    • Runs towards the ball,,1x OH, 1x BH and then catch
    • Runs to the ball and touches it anyway : dive
  • Bring ball to trainer
  • High tempo and adapt to the player.

  • Trainer chooses 4 (or 5) lines and numbers them 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.
  • everyone stand on the outer line
  • trainer calls out a line number and everyone runs to it
  • do this a number of times
  • at a given moment the last one who reaches the line falls off
  • Until there is a winner.
    • disadvantage of this is, that the lesser runners do not get better, because they fall off first.