Volleyball drills for all skills


I play the ball in from the opposite field, 2 players come running in, pass the other catches, and the next 2.


  • Trainer plays high ball in the back
  • ! gives high ball to 2
  • 2 gives set up to 1
  • 1 hits diagonally
  • 3 and 4 etc.

  • First WU:
    • Two teams, the one on the inside moves down the hall.
    • The other follows.
    • So the outside follows.
    • Throw ball up for yourself and smash over the net.
    • Your buddy catches the ball or keys the ball up for himself.
  • As long as the 3s score from the service pass they may stay on the court.
  • The cubes must try to prevent this by blocking and defending and the x's by serving as hard as possible.
  • Every time a player scores from the service pass he gets a point.
  • Points can only be scored from the service pass.
  • Keep track of the points and see who scores 10 points first.
  • X1 may defend after serving.


  • Player at the net left in front a left back
    • with more than 5 per side also a mid back there
  • On the right front on the same field 2 attackers.
    • who hit balls to the defence
  • 4 at the back line and 4 at the net with the ball.
  • You pass on the left after the action you dive to the back line. And then turn right.
- 1 throws the ball with block jump to 2 in the backfield
- 2 defends for himself and goes to the net
- 1 after the throw to the backfield
- 2 throws with block jump to 1, Etc.
VARIATION: instead of block: calm attack inside 3 meter
or: calm attack behind 3 meter
or: calm serve 6 meter line


- 2 teams behind the three meter
- defend, set-up and three-meter attack
- after you have played the ball, sprint to the net

VARIATION: instead of sprinting: block at the net, dive to backline & attack jump
  • On one side of the field there are 3 players and on the other side 1.
  • If you win the rally you may go to the side where one player is standing.
  • If the player standing alone wins the rally he gets 1 point.
  • 2 teams of 4 play against each other.
  • The third team plays against the trainer, but must play 3 times.
  • After 10 times 3 times played, switch with other team.