Volleyball drills for all skills

1 defends section A (hard attack) and B (tactical ball)
rest attacks in order (alternate hard and tactical)
  • 2 teams where one side is bowled and the other side is passed and a set up is given.
  • Set up hits the basket then 1 point, set up in the basket 2 points.
  • Teams compete against each other who has the most points.
  • On one field match 4 against 4.
  • On the other field the rest gets 10 balls from the trainer to defend.
  • All children stand in a defined field.
  • Two taggers stand outside the field with one ball.
  • The taggers must try to catch the children in the field with the ball.
  • => if tapped: join the catcher


condition strength

  • 4 to 5 players on the back line
  • for A: push-ups 10 x
  • B: 10x jump high with knees lifted
  • C: sideways between 3 meter line 10 x
  • at D: sit-ups 10 x


  • Players with ball throw the ball over the net;
  • Player on the other side tries to touch the ball in the basket.
  • Take ball and pass.
    • Variant: -Underhand in the basket


  • Players with ball throw the ball to the passer.
  • The passer tries to catch the ball in the basket.
    • Variant: Players with ball touching the ball to the passer


  • Player makes a pass to the other side;
  • one of the two back players has to pass the ball to the passer.
  • Passer catches the ball, but if the ball flies somewhere else, the passer must still try to catch it.
  • The one who did the reception,
    • becomes passer;
    • passer goes to save;
    • reserve player becomes reception player


  • 2 pairs:
    • jump rope
    • pass in front of back
    • kick back with one arm
    • abs with ball/shuffle
    • rope ladder