Volleyball drills for all skills


first 2 x2

and 3 x 3

then change and then 5 against 5

Coach throws in the ball:

first pass (un-call) and catch

then pass and set-up catch

then pass, set-up and play over the net

then pass, set-up and smash


In pairs:

throwing in (throw over 2 arms, 1 arm left and right, bounce idem, hit)

Overlap, 40X

pass underhand 40X

work in the back of the field: left-right, backline short ball (possible diving)

warm up 2 laps, half lap of knee lifts, half lap of heels/legs, side and sprint.

C throws the ball up- 1 comes in for attack- 7 passes the ball to COpublications: - Throwing in at a high pace - C throws high for outside attacker - C throws low for middle attacker



  • C throws in balls to 1 who brings a rally pass(RP) to position 3.
  • SV may leave when C hits the ball.
  • Sv has choice of 3 attackers.
  • Attackers pick up ball and close behind.

When there is a reasonable setup, the ball should always be hit, but if it cannot be hit because it is too low, for example, another solution must be found.

Pay special attention to the passer/runners and diagonals to adjust their run if the setup is not perfect. They have to make sure that they catch the ball as high as possible in front of their hitting shoulder.

Also make demands on the RP!!!

  • Where should it be placed?
  • How close to the net?

Only allow passing when a certain number of passes are good. If it is easily achieved, throw the ball in harder or increase the number of good passes.

Attackers have to make up for "mistakes" made by the SV. Too often the distributor is told to pass the ball this way or that, while the attacker makes no effort to correct the "mistake" with her run. Keep in mind that they will do everything possible to get the ball in front of the striker's shoulder, so that they can press the ball over the net. After that, they can discuss with the SV how they want to get the ball

  • 2 sides spread over 3 meter line,
  • throwing the ball over the net to the next player,
  • after you throw up,
  • touch the back line and get back in position.
  • After a few minutes play overhand, then underarm.
  • After a while, choose your own position, but always play to the same person.

A serves to B. B passes the ball to the playmaker, who then plays a high ball into the backfield. B defends this ball back to the playmaker, who then gives a setup for B. B attacks this setup.

After the attack, A takes B's place and B becomes a reserve. The playmaker stays.

The attackers use the left half of the court with one playmaker. The middle attackers and diagonal attackers use the right half with another playmaker.

After the service, A takes a second ball. After B's attack A throws this ball into the field. B plays this ball to the playmaker, the playmaker gives a setup and B attacks again.



These exercises can be done in many variations.

  • 2 equal groups
  • relay measurement. so which group finishes first?
    1. jump over bench
    2. through the hoop
    3. slalom through poles
    4. 3x push-ups
    5. 10x jump with 2 legs on the bench
    6. touch the next one
    7. ATTENTION: to smuggle is to start over with the part (not the whole course of course)