Volleyball drills for all skills


4 against 4 up to the 7 meter line


Team A serves, team B must try to score through a hard attack. If they don't succeed they have to leave and their place is taken by the other 3 team on hold. If they succeed, they can stay. Who makes the most scores in a row? Let them count themselves.
3-meter is allowed.

Hammering on the fact that they have to be precise when taking their UGP. Wait a long time before running, react to the setup.

Good timing in the middle. For us that means jumping when the SV plays the ball.

  • In pairs with 1 ball and with the net in between.
  • On a 3 meter line and serve calmly to each other.
  • Throwing up and concentration.
  • Same but increase the distance.
  • If it goes well then increase the distance again.

switching-from-defence-to-attack-3-against-4- C attacks diagonally on 3 and 4

- 1 after block attack (2 does not participate due to the number of players)

- 3 and 4 defend, playmaker comes in

- set-up to 1 or 3, attack to 3 defenders. 1 may attack behind or at midfield - agree in advance

- They defend for themselves and put the ball in the box.

- After a few balls the players change position (preferably on their own).


1. 1, 2 and 3 can play back/attack the ball on the half of '3 and 4'.

2. Order to attackers 1 and 3 to play the ball on a specific position (e.g. tap in the middle or at the back of the field).

3 against 4

3 persons with ball at the net, spread over these nine meters. 2 persons in the back of the field. 1st ball = a batted floater, bring in the pass. 2nd ball = a difficult to defend ball (diving required). 3rd ball is a hard hit attack. 5 rounds pp then change.

- Abdominal muscles 1 minute (press navel into the ground)

- reverse push-ups, fingers towards the back 15x

- 60 sec planks (straight back)

- 15 x Swim

- Push-ups 20 x

- Squat 10 x

  • two passers,
  • Row of servers,
    • after your serve, you run under it to catch the ball.
  • The catcher will pass,
  • passer goes to serve.

Place two benches on either side of the field. The ball must be served next to the bench, if you succeed you will get a point.


9 hoops; 3x3

Two teams, the teams have to run to the hoops and then lay down their stuff. The team that has three in a row first has won.