Volleyball drills for all skills


1. Exercise starts with everyone (5 players) making 3 passes each to the sv position. The sv runs in and plays the ball bravely to the outside. There stands 1 player to catch the ball. He calls right or wrong. After catching the ball throw it to the player next to the trainer. 2 Other players stand behind the passer. After 3 times 1 position turn.

When everyone has been through the same thing again but then set up in the middle.

Points of attention: quick start of the sv (run in), playing brace and good pass.

2. After that line up in the back and pass a ball that is thrown/striked by the trainer. Set up by incoming sv. Left front or in the middle stands attacker who hits ball. Chasing the ball and throwing it in the box.

Attacker indicates who is coming: outside or centre.

  1. Extend your arms out to the sides with your fists clenched and your thumbs up.
  2. Bend forward with your left leg extended until your upper body is completely horizontal while balancing on your right foot. Move your left leg and torso as one.
  3. Do the same with your right leg while balancing on your left foot.
  4. Repeat these movements several times, alternating between your left and right legs.



Each exercise (or choose a number) is done for 30 seconds followed by 15 sec rest:

- Knee lifts on the spot-
Wall sit and pass ball-
Push-Ups (each at their own level)
- Sit-ups (straight and/or oblique abs)
- Bench jumps:

a. 2 legs sideways with a bench in between. Then jump on and off.

b. Jump with 2 legs on the bench (sideways) and off again. Then to the left on the bench and off again. 30 sec on your own place.

4 against 4 up to the 7 meter line


Team A serves, team B must try to score through a hard attack. If they don't succeed they have to leave and their place is taken by the other 3 team on hold. If they succeed, they can stay. Who makes the most scores in a row? Let them count themselves.
3-meter is allowed.

Hammering on the fact that they have to be precise when taking their UGP. Wait a long time before running, react to the setup.

Good timing in the middle. For us that means jumping when the SV plays the ball.

  • In pairs with 1 ball and with the net in between.
  • On a 3 meter line and serve calmly to each other.
  • Throwing up and concentration.
  • Same but increase the distance.
  • If it goes well then increase the distance again.

switching-from-defence-to-attack-3-against-4- C attacks diagonally on 3 and 4

- 1 after block attack (2 does not participate due to the number of players)

- 3 and 4 defend, playmaker comes in

- set-up to 1 or 3, attack to 3 defenders. 1 may attack behind or at midfield - agree in advance

- They defend for themselves and put the ball in the box.

- After a few balls the players change position (preferably on their own).


1. 1, 2 and 3 can play back/attack the ball on the half of '3 and 4'.

2. Order to attackers 1 and 3 to play the ball on a specific position (e.g. tap in the middle or at the back of the field).

3 against 4

3 persons with ball at the net, spread over these nine meters. 2 persons in the back of the field. 1st ball = a batted floater, bring in the pass. 2nd ball = a difficult to defend ball (diving required). 3rd ball is a hard hit attack. 5 rounds pp then change.


- Abdominal muscles 1 minute (press navel into the ground)

- reverse push-ups, fingers towards the back 15x

- 60 sec planks (straight back)

- 15 x Swim

- Push-ups 20 x

- Squat 10 x

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