Volleyball drills for all skills


pass-circuit-2Round 1: Normal passing to each other.

Round 2: Pass the ball short or deep in the back.

  • Play fanatically in pairs
  • Then the player with the ball at the net,
    • Passes ball at 7 m,
    • then at 3 m overhands,
    • underhand,
  • Then 5 red balls
  • Peppering
  • Passer/runner and diagonal on position 4
  • 5 throws ball to 1,
  • 2 moves from the net,
  • 3 sets the block diagonally, 4 defends.
  • SV has to put the ball past the blocker, giving attacker a chance to pass behind the block.
  • 5 balls through.
  • Middens should block when the ball goes over the net and then move left and back.
  • SV must also move 2-3 metres to the left.
  • Always offer as a centre and SV must always move.

  • player 1 at the net midfield
  • number; players at mid-back with the ball
  • row of players on the left (or right) side in front
  • 2 pucks as obstacle/block on the other side of the net
  • 2 players as defence at the other side of the net
  • player with ball throws to midfield
  • midfield puts up HIGH
  • left front attacks
  • if hitting fails: play smart over the net
  • if ball lands on the ground in the field you have a point
  • Defenders try to prevent this.
  • everyone keeps turning
    • Tackle becomes playmaker
    • Defender joins the row of attackers
    • Attacker passes under the net and becomes 1st defender.
    • 2nd defender takes ball, passes under net and joins row of attackers

Team A serves the ball to 1 of the players of team B.

Team B passes and attacks using a 3 meter attack.

If there is no attack, 2 hands must be played over the net in the direction of the shoulders. This is to keep the rally going.


  • Coach throws ball to defender
  • Defender passes to playmaker
  • sv gives set up to outside or middle
  • Two teams with 1 ball.
  • Pass to each other and score against the bench.
  • The one with the most points wins.
  • Pairs facing each other with a net in between.
  • Server has 2 balls.
    • 1 at the foot and
    • 1 in the hand.
  • Server kicks the ball to the other side,
  • Then the server tries to serve on the ball.
  • Then it's player two's turn.
  • On both sides of the net an SV
  • Line up 2 rows to attack.
  • On one side of the net, the attack happens short-cut through the middle
  • On the other side, the SV does a backward setup and the right forward attacks.
  • Attacker retrieves ball and joins own line.

VARIANT: attacker retrieves ball and connects to the opposite side and performs middle attack.