Volleyball drills for all skills

  • 2 against 2, only throw.
  • When you've thrown the ball over the net, run around the pawn.
  • Line up and play the thrown ball into the basket.
  • Get further and further away
  • 2 with ball at net,
  • 3/4 meter apart,
  • 2 min. underarm balls at 7 m,
  • 2 min of overhand at 7 m,
  • 14 balls, 2 min short long, 2 min overhead 3 meters.

  • Defend 2/3,
  • 2 at the net on the left and right front, at the back balls from the ground,
  • at the net, distributing and attacking.
  • Block with 2 teams,
  • One player on each side of the net.
  • One player plays a ball, just over the net.
  • The other must block it.
  • Pay attention to the position of the hands/fingers.
  • On the right, two players at the net,
  • behind them 1 player for the defense.
  • The 2 net players make a block move.
  • After coming down the coach plays a short ball to the blocker.
  • This ball must be played to the SV who will catch it overhand.
  • The SV then throws the ball into the ball carrier.
  • Defender goes in line for blocking.
  • Middle blocker becomes right blocker.
  • Right blocker becomes defense.
  • One complete tem in the field. In game position.
  • Let the team serve.
  • Trainer catches the ball. As soon as he catches the ball, everyone else stands.
  • Look at the position of the players, and adjust if necessary.
  • As the trainer, mimic an attack, and at each position look at where the players are standing and correct.
  • Then do this with the team's attack.
  • Rotate one position, and possibly players in.
  • Repeat this until all players have been in all positions.
  • Just replay in 4-player teams. Throw the ball at the net and the other player plays over the net.
  • overhand and underhand

In each field 1 passer, 1 catcher, 1 reserve and 2 server.

Serve, reserve, pass, catch and serve. Chasing your ball.

  • Pairs face each other.
  • The player at the net plays the ball, left right, front and back.
  • The player in the backfield brings the pass nicely to the net. 5 min and then change position, again 5 min