Volleyball drills for all skills

  • 2 pairs on both sides of the net with 1 ball
  • The ball is played back and forth in threes;
  • The back player passes, the front player sets, the back player comes in and plays the ball easily over the net.
  • The players at the other side do the same
  • Front and back players rotate every time the ball is played over the net.
  • After that, a simple attacking stroke and possibly a hard attacking stroke can be added.
  • Players stand in a circle with a ball each
  • In the middle lies a ball. (large ball)
  • Try to hit the ball.
  • You may keep the ball in the circle using your feet



First phase, per 2:

  • Pitcher has 2 tennis balls,
    • Which he takes turns throwing into a zone where the receiver is standing,
    • Short distance
    • Receiver catches with 1 hand each time

  • Same with volleyballs
    • Receiver doesn't catch anymore, but plays back underhand.

  • 2 players leave the net,
    • Someone else throws in a free ball, it is built up and attacked
    • Team who threw the ball defends
  • Reception, other player walks in and attacks reception player, reception player attacks, play on
    • reception, other player runs in, buttons reception player, reception player plays high back and other player attacks, pass
  • Create zones in the field
  • Storage player calls street or slide
    • In case of short serve: deep serve.
    • On a deep serve: short
  • Free match
  • 2 rows of players
    • 1 row on the left back
    • 1 row at the right back
  • Create with 4 pawns a virtual line where they must stand behind
  • Trainer stands at the other side of the net and throws the ball somewhere in the field
  • One of the two front row players calls LOS orI (let's agree)
  • This player passes the ball over the net to the previous player.
  • Catch a round for the next player
  • If you did not have the ball, join the shortest row

  • shout-7
  • Players spread out on 1 half of the field.
  • Trainer or player hits underhand with a high ball.
  • From that moment on the ball may not touch the ground.
  • Watching:
    • Loose call
    • Technique.
  • Make it more difficult by using the other part of the field as well.


Pass over in pairs.

  1. trainer gives different exercises
    • after each ball contact you turn around
    • jumps in the air
    • touches the sand with 1 hand
    • gets down on 1 knee and up again
  2. pass. set-up, attack

Goal : block displacement + reaction speed

  • A blocks at the net. (Start pos. 4/2)
  • After each block, A defends the ball from B, then from C --> D.

Extension : Someone can also throw in a ball from the other side of the net. A blocks the ball and then defends B's ball.


Goal: improve condition in combination with attack/block/defense

T throws a total of three balls to SV.

  • T throws ball to SV.
  • SV gives a set-up pos 4 , where A attacks. Immediately after the attack T throws a ball, A defends ball back to C.
  • After defense T, throws ball 2 to SV. SV 2é pace to A --> attack, C throws ball --> A defended back.
  • T throws 3e ball to SV. Sv set-up to pos. 2, A attack on pos. 2, after attack Ball defend.

On the other side of the net.

  • B same as A.
  • B tries to block A's attack.
  • After each block, defend ball from T2.