Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Setting up the net
  • Running around the room and stretching
  • 4 against 4 on a field up to 7 meters
  • Smart play,
  • spiked balls
  • There are 16 or 20 hoops placed on the opposite side of the net.
  • Two teams are made, forming a row next to each other. Everyone gets a colored cloth.
  • The aim is to get 4 in a row in the hoops.
  • The boys have to go under the net to put the cloths in the hoops to form 4 in a row.
  • The first row that makes 4 in a row has won.
  • Best out of 5...... The losers have to do 5 extra the back muscles.
  • Play fanatically in pairs
  • Then player with ball at the net, gives ball at 7 m,
  • then at 3 m overhand, underhand,
  • Then 5 red balls
  • The thigh combo consists of 3 exercises done one after the other.
  • Pairs are made and with your own pair you do the three exercises.
    • 3 minutes Squads, bend legs as if sitting on a chair. Backs to the back, back straight. Slowly lower yourself down (preferably a 90 angle) and come up. Knees should not go past the toes. Keep tension on the legs while coming up. In the lowest position the ball is passed to the partner and back.
    • 2x2 minutes Lunges, step with leg forward in an angle of 90. Slowly sink through the knees and come back up. Keep back straight and lower slowly so you can feel your buttocks. When you are in the lowest position, throw the ball to the opposite neighbor who is in the same position. 2 minutes left leg and 2 minutes right leg.
    • 4 minutes Stepping, Put the benches opposite each other and put 1 foot on the bench and back. The same foot each time. Keep this up for 2 minutes. Then switch legs. On and off.....
      • The last minute you jump on the bench with two feet at the same time. Throw the ball over to your opposite neighbor and he throws it back. When one is on the bench with the ball to throw the ball the other is on the floor and visa versa.
  • Back muscles.
    • Lie flat on the floor with your face down.
    • Place your hands on your back and slowly come up as far as you can.
    • Keep your eyes on the floor.
    • We do this exercise 20 times.
  • Abdominal muscles.
    • After the previous exercise, we turn around so that we are lying on our back, face up.
    • Grab your partner and face him.
    • Take a ball and throw it over at the moment you both tighten your abdominal muscles and come up.
    • After this goes well, increase the pace.
  • Make up pairs.
  • Stand opposite each other, not too far apart.
  • Pass the ball overhead to each other.
  • While continuing to pass to each other, increase the distance between them by taking a step backwards.
  • Continue to pass the ball to each other at the correct distance
  • When you have reached a large distance, reduce the distance again
  • 2 sides spread over 3 meter line,
  • throwing the ball over the net to the next player,
  • after you throw up,
  • touch the back line and get back in position.
  • After a few minutes play overhand, then underarm.
  • After a while, choose your own position, but always play to the same person.
  • 4 or 5 teams.
  • 2 at the net 1 ball,
  • rv set-up,
  • l.f. attacks,
  • on 2 or 3 defenders.