Volleyball drills for all skills

  • just replay in pairs
  • overhand and underhand

This is an exercise created for the user manual.


Party, the team that has to play next Saturday plays against the rest.

Children stand on the backline, the ball is thrown by the trainer, the player passes to the trainer and the trainer throws to the ball again, the goal is to get the pass to the midfielder.

Ping Pong in the large, the thick mats are placed on the 4 benches so that together with 2 cabinets in the middle a large Ping Pong field forms.

* You divide your players into 2 pairs.

* Each pair 1 ball

One of the pair is standing at the net to make a block.

The other player stands on the opposite side of the net with a ball. The player stands on the three-meter line and throws the ball just over the net.

The player standing on the three-meter line throws the ball just over the net.

* 20 balls and then switch tasks.


* Divide the team into two rows.

The rows are formed next to each other on the 3 meter line.

The first one of each row walks to the net and blocks as synchronously as possible with the first one of the other row.

* The two each go the other outside and join there to make a block with the player waiting there.

The player on the outside joins the back of the line.

The player who came from the middle positions positions himself on the outside and makes a block with the next player from the middle.

* Divide the team over the net on both sides.

The captain blocks from his position.

Before the captain goes back down, the person to the left of the captain makes a block.

In this way, each player on the left will make a block and you will get a wave effect.


Trainer stands in the corner of the field with row of children behind him. The children all have a ball in their hands. Player gives ball to you and you bounce the ball in the field and player tries to play the ball before thesecond bounce to the playmaker. Again, you can make this easy or harder for each player.