Volleyball drills for all skills


Per 2 teams 1 ball, 1 person at the net, other in the backfield. Throw the ball to the person in the back (low over the ground). Defender must be able to get just under the ball and defend high with wrist movement.

The ball must fall between the 7 and the 9 or within the 3.

The ball between the 7 and the 9 must be hit with speed and pressure, not with a curve.

Hit the deep ball straight on, or from 1 to 1

Last assignment 5 balls between 7 and 9 and 5 balls between net and 3, count how many balls right.


  • Field will be divided in 6 squares
  • 3 boxes per field
  • the trainer calls out a number between 1 and 6
  • the players run to the concerning section
  • In every field
    • 1 passer,
    • 1 catcher,
    • 1 reserve and
    • 2 servers.
  • Serve, reserve, pass, catch and serve.
  • Chasing your ball.
  • Tr plays the ball to defender B
  • B passes to sv sv gives a setup to position 2, 3 or 4
  • C attack
  • D take care of the blocking
  • E tries to defend the ball


  • Coach throws the ball to passer/runner 1.
  • He passes to position 3, after which the distributor steps in.
  • SV sets up passer/runner 1 or centre 1(X1).

  • Passer/runner and center attack when they have the chance,
    • Otherwise they must pass to the centre,
  • in such a way that the free net defender (2) and the centre back (3) cannot reach it and the ball does not fall into the shaded area of the court.

  • I use this exercise as a preparation for a game in which the opponent defends in a 3-2-1 formation and the weakest link is the center back.
  • The ball must be pricked where the free net defender cannot reach it and where it still falls far enough before 3.


  • Team 1(balls) get 10 balls to serve with.
  • If a ball is passed
  • and is caught on the half where it is passed,
  • If the ball is hit into the net, it is taken out of play.
    • also if it is served out,
    • or is served into the net,
    • it goes out of play.
  • The team that serves the most wins.
Team 1(balls) get 10 balls to serve with. If a ball is passed and is caught on the half where it is passed, then this ball is taken out of play. Also if it is served out, or in the net, then this ball goes out of play. The team that serves the most wins.


Training rhythm and cadence for the playmaker.

Explanation of the exercise:
This exercise is useful for playmakers who want to get rhythm and cadence in their set-ups. In this way, the playmakers get a lot of ball contact and can set-up a lot.

The outfielder passes. The centre, preferably three, comes in from the left, hits the ball and turns it in again on the right. The next one is on the right, goes to the left, etc. These players, seen from above, turn 8s. The coach brings in the balls and can set the pace.

Of course, you can later have the middle players pass and go out and rock. By first coming in from the left, then from the right Of course, later on the centre can pass and the outfield player can rock by coming in first from the left and then from the right.

Duration of the exercise:
10-15 min


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