Volleyball drills for all skills


Server goes to serve on mate who is in a spot in the opposite field.

  • running around the room and stretching

  • Abdominal exercises:

  • Legs left,
  • elbow - knee,
  • legs right,
  • ankle on knee left,
  • ankle on right knee,
  • feet in the air - touch toes


game of 4 against 4 up to the 7 metre line

Making an attack run:

  • Right handed: left, right, left
  • Left handed: right, left, right
  • Player throws ball to trainer who is on the bench
  • trainer holds up the ball
  • players knock the ball out of the hand of the trainer
  • stay on your own side of the net

watch the run up, not the beautiful ball

  • jump with your arms!
  • hit the ball with your belly!

The children head the ball over so they can see that the ball must be in the right place on the head otherwise it will go the wrong way. This also applies to the hands.

  • 2 players, 1 ball
  • net lower
  • 1 player plays the ball soft and short over the net
  • 1 player blocks
  • hands over the net -> ball down
  • 1 player is at the service of the blocker.
  • It is about the success of the blocker (possibly lower the net for smaller players).
  • group of 4-6
  • choose a word beforehand with +- 6 to 7 letters (e.g. serve)
  • The first serves on a spot in the field.
    • if necessary, place a number of mats or hoops.
  • The others must serve on the same spot
    • The 1st one also joins in.
  • If this doesn't work, they get a letter.
  • if you have the whole word you are finished
    • possibly play bra against the wall or something
  • Again with someone else as first.

back-and-forth-fdb-In pairs, facing each other, start at the pawn. On command move sideways to the sideline. Start each in a different direction. Back to the other side and back to the pawn. Who touches the pawn first. At the same time the next pair starts. Make sure there is a change in the pairs.

When there are more than 9 players, double the number. (Also suitable for playing independently and setting out the next exercise in the meantime).


- 5x push-ups (can also be done on knees)

- 20 sec planks (straight back)

- 5x squat

- lie on your back, hands under your buttocks and lift your legs up off the ground, hold this for about 10 sec.

- 10x whole belly exercise