Volleyball drills for all skills

  • The group divides into pairs.
  • In each field stands a pair.
  • The trainer throws in a ball.
  • The team that scores a point runs to the posts and gets the next ball first.
  • The team that made a mistake goes out and is exchanged for another pair.
  • (The game can also be played in threes if this is more convenient).
  • The trainer stands in the middle near the net.
  • One player stands in the field.
  • The trainer throws the balls all over the field.
  • The player is only done when he/she has touched/played three balls in a row.
  • When the player misses the second or third ball the trainer starts the count again.
  • Exercise to make several quick movements in a row and play high enough.
  • Every child stands with the ball one meter from the net.
  • Throw the ball over the net with a forearm movement and catch it on the other side.
  • Throw the ball over the net with an overhead movement and catch it on the other side.
  • Throwing the ball over the net overhead and catching it for yourself at the other side with forearms.
  • If necessary, make it more difficult by varying height and distance.

  • 2 teams.
  • Per team one pawn and tennis ball.
  • Player 1 catches the tennisball of player 2.
  • Player stands still and in the right position while catching. (Hands in front of/above head, point of pawn towards nose.)
  • 10x and then change.

  • It is not about the attack itself but about the timing and technique.
  • First of all, again a short explanation of the attacking run and pass. (if necessary mark with tape/feet)
  • Trainer/playmaker gives setup after playing the ball 1 to 6 times for himself.
  • Player waits with walking until the ball leaves the hands of the distributor/trainer.
  • Explanation and feedback on offensive run/pass.
  • Player takes ball and walks to the other side of the court to the right front position.
  • Here stands another coach/player who gives a setup WITHOUT waiting.

  • Players have a ball and dribble down the hall.
    • On command, they throw the ball up and catch it.
    • On command they throw the ball to a buddy.
    • On command they throw the ball up and must pancake.
    • On command they throw the ball in front of them and have to dive for the ball.
  • For each command a different command. after the command they keep dribbling.
  • Organisation:
    • Trainer with ball carrier on P6.
    • 1 player starts at P3.
    • Other players stand around the field and take care of ball safety and returning the ball to trainer.
  • Execution:
    • Trainer throws the balls randomly into the field in a calm tempo.
    • Player must try to play the ball, but must touch it as little as possible.
    • After 10 times success change.
  • You have 2 teams one is on one side of the field and the other on the other side.
  • There is a ball played in the field the ball may fall on the ground 0/1 time the ball is passed by the teams to the other side of the field.
  • If the ball either bounces 1/2 time, goes out or wrong technique a team has a point.
  • 1 player stands in the field and gets 10 balls from the trainer.
  • Balls must at least be touched but the focus is on quick movement, being ready and passing overhead/underhand. (trainer makes sure balls can be hit).
  • Other players stand around the field and make sure balls get to the trainer.
  • And of course encourage the player who is doing the exercise.

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