Volleyball drills for all skills


Goal attacking after physical and mental strain.

  • T1, T2 & T3 throw at high speed a ball each for A1, A2 and A3 respectively.
  • A1 pos. 4 --> attacking towards goal, after attacking around the cone and again attacking towards the mat.
  • A2 pos. 2 idem
  • A3 pos. 3 idem

Other players take care of ball safety. After 5 attacks change.

  • A and A1 play their ball to SV1 and SV2 at the same time.
  • SV high ball.
  • SV1 & 2 exchange places + pas s to the corner, where A & A1 attack.
  • SV, Block on attack from A & A1.

Intention is to load the playmakers. Pass to position 4.


Circulation warm-up

  • This consists of a loose walk-in for 5 to 10 minutes with various light movements for arms, legs and torso.
  • By doing this you actively bring the function of the heart, lungs, nervous system and muscular system to a higher level than the resting level.



  • Start and finish line, caps are scattered around the field.
  • The number of caps is the number of players in the team x 2.
  • Caps are brought to the end line one by one, the team that finishes first wins.
  • Place three coloured pawns around a player.
  • Make sure these pawns are about 1 meter from the player.
  • A player with a ball is standing outside the circle.
  • He calls out different colours, which the player in the circle has to touch.
  • When the player with the ball calls 'BAL', the player gets an attack to defend.

Do you want to get in shape? You can, but you need a few things for it.

  • What do you need?
    • Pawns
    • Soccer
    • Clothes you can work out in
    • Stairs
  • First of all, it's important that you warm up well before you start working on your fitness!
  • What do you need to do?
    • Run 2 cones to the front 1 to the back and repeat this every time.
      • Do that twice
    • Take the ball and run with it in 5 circles.
      • This will give you ball control and also ensure that you have worked on your fitness for a while.
    • You can also do exercises for your condition inside by running 5 times up and down the stairs.
  • Of course you can give your own twist to how you want to do it, but I find these are the nicest and most fun ways to improve.
  • Don't try to run fast the first day without stopping, do it in steps!

Place 1 or 2 ladders in a row, to create an exercise on length.

Perform a number of variations, starting with easy exercises and slowly working your way up to more difficult ones. Continuously ending with a 10 meter sprint

  • Start simple, with 2 feet continuously in the ladder.
    • Short quick movements
  • Next,
    • 1 foot outside ladder,
    • 2 feet inside ladder,
    • 1 foot outside the ladder.
  • hopscotch,
    • 1st box: only left foot.
    • 2nd compartment: both feet.
    • 3rd box: right foot.
    • etc
  • jump off your left foot, onto the left side of the ladder.
    • --> to the other side of the ladder, landing on your right foot (one square further).
    • Jump to the end in a slalom fashion.
  • Stand horizontally with your hands in the ladder.
    • And go sideways through the ladder, hands together continuously in one compartment.
  • Do it again, but with a push-up between the different squares.
  • Lateral knee lifts through the ladder
  • Place a pawn/stack of hats in every odd ladder square, which must be jumped over.
    • Continuous jumping, using both feet (arms in the air)

Reception Drill:

  • 2 balls per 3 players.
  • Player A serves, immediately after the serve the server throws the second ball to the server,
  • Player B takes reception to the distributor.
  • The distributor is the one who runs after the lost balls, the server tries to play a good number of balls to the receiver.
  • Passing after, either 1 minute, or 15 receptions, or 5 + receptions (with max of e.g. 20)

Buildup options:

  • storage:
    • throw underhand,
    • overhand,
    • private storage,
    • float serve,
    • attack stroke,
    • plinth serve
  • reception:
    • catch-and-throw,
    • mandatory underhand,
    • compulsory overhead,
    • start from knee up,
    • start 2m left of centre,
    • start at 3m,
    • start at 8m...

Circling around the field, doing something different each time.

  • Cross pass
  • knee lift
  • heels/buttons
  • sprint