Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Trainer throws the ball to the midfielder
  • He passes to SV
  • SV gives setup
  • Striker plays ball SLIMLY over the net
    • so just over the net
    • OR in the back of the field in the corners
  • OPTIONAL: the new player calls HELL (=fault) or GOOD (=good) after the smart ball of the attacker
  • Attacker gets the ball and puts it with trainer (in the box)
  • Everybody turns 1 place (runs after their own ball)
  • If necessary put hoops (= opponents) where they should not play.
  • Give instructions all the time
    • playing-tactically


  • players stand opposite each other about 2-6 meter apart (players determine the distance)
  • player 2 hits the ball to player 1
  • player 1 passes the ball back
  • player 2 gives a set up to player 1
  • player 1 hits the ball
  • player 2 passes the ball back
  • player 1 gives set up
  • etc
player 1player 2

These exercises can be done in many variations.

  • 2 equal groups of 5 to 6
  • relay. so which group finishes first?
    1. speed ladder
    2. under 'mat on benches
    3. 10x skipping rope
    4. slalom through poles
    5. climb over a cupboard
    6. 3x push-ups
    7. 10x jump with 2 legs on bench
    8. touch the next one
    9. ATTENTION: to smuggle is to start over with the part (not the whole course of course)
  • There is one ticker.
  • Approximately 2 to 3 balls per 6 players.
  • The scout must try to catch the participants without a ball as soon as possible.
  • The persons who have a ball cannot be tagged.
  • They must however be social and throw the ball to the person who is about to be tapped!
  • If someone is tapped, then that person becomes the ticker.

Play the ball overhand

  • keep your hands above your head at all times
  • catch the ball
  • arms 'spring in
  • and throw/play straight up by stretching arms
  • etc

walk from one side of the room to the other

first on the spot, then walk

  • heels buttocks
  • lift the knee
    • left knee up left arm up (and right the same)
    • left knee up right arm up (and vice versa)
  • walk sideways
  • finish with 2x sprint
  • Make groups of 6-8 players
  • Put the players on one side of the net. This is the free side.
  • On the other side of the net, designate a box. Maybe whole field. That is the prison
  • 1 or 2 players start in the prison
  • The trainer throws the ball (as a set up)
  • Players on the right side of the net play this ball in prison and on the ground
    • So they have to play smart and look good!

  • If this succeeds:
    • player does not have to go to the prison and can stay on the free side
  • If this fails :
    • player must go to the prison

  • A player who is in prison can get out of it by:
    1. easy variant: catch the ball.
      • free player has to go IN the prison, catcher can go OUT
    2. Difficult variation: pass the ball and another player Or the player himself from prison to catch the ball
      • free player must go IN and the catcher can go OUT ofthe prison

This exercise trains playing high

  • put the nets up high
  • see if the group has to be split up in small and big groups.
  • pass the ball in pairs over a high net.
  • the ball must be played well up

Throwing the ball over in pairs in combination with body balance.

  • Stand on 1 leg.
    • Throwing with 1 hand
    • Throwing with 2 hands
    • After catching the ball touch the ground
  • Change legs after every 5 balls per exercise.

Now overthrow:

  • with 2 hands from the neck, via a bounce to the other
  • with 1 hand, throw hard and tight
  • Now with the other hand