Volleyball drills for all skills


This exercise assumes that the players know where they must stand and which zone is for them. So explain this well in advance

  • Players stand in the correct zone
  • Trainer serves/ throws the ball
  • After every service, turn around.
  • Serve only when they think they are in the right position
    • Also serve if they are not positioned correctly and serve on the uncovered position.
  • They have to correct each other where they should stand.
  • Throw a ball into a difficult zone every now and then. Who was this ball for?
  • It's about recognizing your own zone. Who takes which ball? Call loose when in doubt etc
  • Make clear agreements in advance!

Run laps to warm up. Suitable for the beginning of the training

  1. bench up and down with 2 legs simultaneously
  2. bench up and down, alternating left and right
  3. Push-ups, remember that they have their back straight.
  4. Between 2 lines and move LOW and tap on the side lines
  5. At the net and only blocks. Hands at shoulders and jump up from knees
  6. Jump over buddy and after landing crawl through the legs of your buddy

Dead fish with overhand service

All stand slightly in front of 3 meter line with a ball. Throw ball in front of yourself on something in front of your batting shoulder. Drop the ball and it will fall on the line. If this happens then the throw is good.

A and b stand at the net and c stands opposite a. A throws ball to c and c keys diagonally to b, etc etc ....

  • In pairs with 1 ball. Player at the net throws the ball to the player in the back and he passes it back. If the pass is good you can continue to play overhead but be strict! 20 balls then change.
  • The same, only now you get short/long bales thrown at you. So the back player has to move forwards/backwards.
  • Team MUST play in 3 x (in case of score 2 points, in rally 1 bonus point).
    • so the team has no points if it goes in once or twice.
  • Trainer can go 1, 2 or 3 times.
  • At 3 times trainer has bonus points too.
  • Pay attention to the line-up (bowl), call loose, and play in threes, technique not important.
  • all 1 ball
  • serve quietly against the wall
  • try to catch the ball yourself.