Volleyball drills for all skills


- Going up and down bench with 1 foot

- Bench up and down with 2 feet

- 2 benches behind each other with a little space in between. You stand on 1 bench, jump off and then immediately jump over the other bench. Stand still and then sprint to the back line.

Basket volley. 4 against 4 with 1 basket. Scoring by overhead throwing technique. Throwing over only. When scored, start again at the back line.


Trainer throws ball over net/or calmly strikes a. A tests to b who stands on playmaker spot. B plays ball into the basket. Accent is on the passer.

Attacking. Trainer throws the ball to the playmaker (who comes in just like with the team line-up). Distributor gives set-up and attacker hits box who stands 4 meters behind the net.


In pairs with 1 ball, take turns hitting the ground against the wall.

Team formation! New in square!

  • Just tilted due to different lengths of children.
  • Preferably make groups with equally sized children.
  • Trainer has ball in hand and player takes ball out of hands.
  • It doesn't matter how they hit the ball, just pay attention to the run up!