Volleyball drills for all skills

  • With threes BH overplaying.
  • Play 2 times and then chase your ball.
  • make a plank
  • # Lie down together in a circle
  • See who can last the longest
  • don't let your hip drop!



  • 2 teams 1 ball
  • 1 at the net
  • 1 on a number of meters towards the backline
  • Player at the net plays ONLY BH
  • Player in the field ONLY OH
  • change after x times
  • If it goes well: increase distance
  • Notice:
    • foot position
    • plank
    • ball height
    • accuracy

3 teams A B C

  • A plays BH to B
  • B plays BH backwards to C
    • The elbows are outwards when playing backwards.
  • C plays BH to B
    • C has to play and stretch from the knees
  • after 10x 1 spot turn


  • Pay much attention to the following accents:
    • Make sure that the player stretches completely and points the ball 'behind'.
    • And when playing backwards, make sure the elbows are well apart and extended backwards as well.
  • 4 teams 2 balls.
  • A and B stand at the net with ball
  • C faces A, D faces B on the backline.
  • A throws ball to C, C passes diagonally to B, B catches.
  • B throws ball to D, D passes diagonally to A, A catches.
  • After 20 passes turn over


Start with the right foot (lead foot), place it in the first box, then place the left foot next to it, move the right foot back out of the ladder and place the left foot next to it. Then step right into the next compartment…keep the rhythm and perform as fast as possible. Also perform in the other direction (starting with the left foot).

Start next to the ladder, place your right foot in the box and add your left foot, then place your right foot next to the ladder and place your left foot in the next box. Place your right foot in the next box and place your left foot next to the ladder. Count, e.g. 1-2-3 / 1-2-3….

Start in front of the ladder, place the left foot in the box first and add the right foot. Then place the left foot out of the ladder next to the partition, then the right foot out of the ladder next to the partition. Now place the left foot back into the next compartment… Also perform with the right foot starting.



Indicate in comment what it is about

  • Just a little lower if necessary
  • Serve with 2 pairs quietly to each other.
  • the other tries to play the oh and then catch it, and thus serve
  • Pay attention to the right foot (lb in front of rh, vice versa).
  • serve first straight, if necessary also diagonally.
  • Concentrate on service (bounce the ball 2x).


  • the system is:
    • if 2 or 3 plays the first ball, 4 runs to the front to setup
    • when 1 or 4 plays the first ball, 3 runs to the midfield to give a setup
  • put the players on the right positions
  • trainer hits the ball and throws/serves the ball over the net to the team
    • the first ball is claimed by a player(call LOS / I as early as possible: make an agreement about this)
    • At the moment that the ball is played by the trainer, it is already clear to 3 and 4 whether it has to go to the front.
    • So the player has to be on the position of the centre as soon as possible.
  • if all goes well continue to play and set the ball along the net and 3rd ball over the play.
    • if necessary put 4 hoops where the ball should NOT go (virtual opponents).
  • if it does not go well stop and
    • Explain who should have called it loose etc.
    • Did the playmaker walk on time. etc
  • after 4 service turns turn good ball
  • if there are enough players available (> 4), use someone to get the ball at the trainer's side and put it in the box
    • call loose in time
    • run in offside players in time
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