Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Player starts on the backline (C and higher)
    • or behind the middle (CMV).
  • Trainer serves high over the net
  • Player runs as fast as possible and tries to catch
  • Run back around the outside

  • Per person 2 balls
    • One ball between the legs/under the arm, other in two hands on a side of choice, throw ball straight up and catch with two hands
    • When the ball is up on one side, throw the other ball up on the other side.
    • Keep arms straight, throw as much as possible straight up

  • Pairs 2 balls.
    • One person throws a ball straight to the other person
    • Meanwhile the other person throws his ball straight up and throws it back.
    • Then catch your own ball

  • Red players start from the middle (fists against each other).
  • Walk/shuffle towards the sideline and pass the ball back to blue.
  • Then return to starting position (match element who is first to be ready again).
  • Fists together again and then the same round.
  • 4/5 rounds then
    • Blue -> red.
    • Red -> blue.

  • 1 player at pos 5 throws in the ball to pos 3 (SV).
  • 2 players take turns to walk in from pos 1 to pos 3 (SV).
  • From here they take care of the setup to pos 4.
  • At pos 4, one player stands on an elevation (e.g. plinth/cabinet) to catch the ball and pass it to pos 5.

  • 7 x diagonal run.
  • 5 x to net with attack, 3 x block, dive to back line.
  • 3 x sprint on the spot, followed by sprint to 3 m-line, AW back.
  • 3 minutes in circle.
  • Throw-in/play.
  • Playing a game in a 4-2 system.
  • Attaching red, yellow and green ribbon to the net.
  • Go through all positions in service and reception.
  • Make sure that the playmaker (S), outplayer (B) and medium attacker (M) are always positioned diagonally opposite each other.
  • The order of lining up anti-clockwise is S, B, M.

  • Half of the players stand in a line 2 metres apart.
  • Preferably with a wall at their back.
  • The other players pass this line in turn at 4 metres from the thrower.
  • There is no net in between.
  • They are given a ball to return overhead.
  • Then they move sideways to the next starter.
  • Go down the row and come back to the beginning.
  • If there are enough players, a second row can be set up in mirror image.
  • Then the players who return the ball go back along this row and have then walked a circle.
  • (Row players 1 stand with their backs to row players 2, to throwers 1 and 2 stand with their faces to each other).
  • After that you can alternate between the groups and do the same with underhand return.
  • As a variation, use different throwing distances.
  • Important points of attention: throwing the ball neatly, moving sideways, sitting low when playing OH, high ball tempo.
  • Both sides serve at the same time (or as much as possible at the same time); the defender makes the pass to position [3] and at position [3] the ball is caught.
  • The players run along the blue lines.
  • With larger teams, players can be added in the waiting room.
  • With more than 10 players the speed of the exercise is lost.
  • Goal
    • Serves pass well.
    • Therefore, there MUST be straight serving, but the server must want to score.
    • The passer will not be trained properly if during the training he only gets to play easy balls.
    • Of course, the serving pressure can be increased during the training.

  • The purpose of the exercise is to train the defender A in his reaction ability as well as to work together in handling the ball.
  • Important for this exercise:
    • EVERYTHING is touche!
  • The ball that is played/tossed by the trainer (high and far; not hit!) is allowed to come well outside the lines, because the ball must be handled as if it jumped off the block.
  • A. stands with his back to the net and concentrates on the defenders B/C.
  • If the ball is played by T/Sv. then either B or C demands the ball ("LOS!") and moves to play the ball.
  • A. sprints after B/C and offers himself vocally ("HERE!").
  • B/C must be able to hear where A is before playing the ball.
  • B/C plays the ball high to A and A plays the ball well inside the 3-metre box. T./Sv. makes the catch.
  • If there are 8 or more players, this exercise can be done at both ends; if there are less than 8 players, it is played at one end and B/C rotate with players waiting outside the lines.
  • In that case, work at a high tempo so that nobody stands still for too long.
  • A. changes after 5 or 10 balls; every player takes the position A. twice.
  • NOTE: The exercise goes at a high tempo!
  • When A. has handled the ball, the next ball follows immediately.
  • It is up to the player turning in the ball to get in position in time!
  • Expansion:
    • Place a basket on a spot of your choice within the 3-meter section.
    • The second ball must touch the basket (top) or go through the basket.
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