Volleyball drills for all skills


they can choose for themselves

2 x 2 teams with 1 ball and net in between. You throw the ball via bra throwing motion over the net and then tap the center line and you join the back of the row. Player 2 catches the ball and throws it via bra throwing motion over the net again and taps the middle line etc etc.

2 corrals on midfield, 1 on each side of the net. Trainer throws ball over the net and player taps or catches ball directly. Afterwards throw the ball into the basket = 3 points or against the basket = 1 point. Bring ball to trainer and rejoin the line.


Emphasis on plank and from the knees, so arms stay still and don't rise above the shoulders!

Two teams with one ball and stand on the side line. Player 1 moves to the other side of the line, while checking. There you roll the ball back to player 2.

Trainers throw the ball to over the net and player tests the ball for himself. Catch the ball and bring it to the trainer and then join the back of the line.

If this goes well then try to key 2x, catch ball and via bra throw ball over the net. Then you dive under the net and get the ball and bring it to the trainer.

2 groups and the players all have 1 ball. Trainer stands in a corner of the field and gets the ball from the player behind him. Trainer bounces ball into the field and player goes to catch the ball. Player runs out of the field and joins the back of the line. In this way, you think about safety and you can continue at a high pace. This exercise can also be adjusted to the player who has an easier or harder time catching the ball.

The same, but now try to test and catch the ball yourself. So after the bounce, test.

Team formation and emphasize turning after each ball Look at the opponent and know where you are going so you can dream! Serve, catch and throw over the net. Also have them throw into the holes and not into the opponent's hands. So watch and move!!!


Emphasis on flat tight hand, stretched arm and right leg in front. Give instructions for this during the training! Only these 3

Two teams with one ball and serve to each other calmly. The other team scores the ball for themselves.

3 pawns diagonally in the field. The children all have 1 ball and serve to the1st pawn closest to the net. If you get it right twice, you may go to the next pawn. Get the ball yourself! You are standing near the pawns so you can give them the right accents.

  • Backwards tag.
  • Split up the group and the catchers have to wear a ribbon.
  • And of course walk backwards, all the time and so do the taggers!

Jumping rope. 1 big rope and trainers turn.

  • Player in 1x jump and out again
  • Player in 3x jump and out again
  • Try to get 2 or 3 players in and jump 2x and then the front one goes out and someone comes in at the back.

2 teams at the wall. 1 serves and catches the ball then the other.

2 rows at the net. Distance not too big. Trainer stands on the other side. Player serves and tries to hit trainer. If he succeeds, the trainer has to push up 3 times. Player gets his own ball and joins the row again.


2 rows of children. Trainer throws the ball to the player and the player catches the ball via oh technique. So with arms extended and hands catching the ball. Trainer stands in front of the net and player in the back of the field. They throw the ball back to the trainer via oh technique and then touch the middle line and go under the net. There is a bench there which they walk over and then along the field back to the line.

Idem, only now they pass the ball back to the trainer. Pay attention to the outstretched arms and that they hit the ball low. Keep your knees and buttocks back. If they stand up straight, they hit the ball too high and it will hang or go over their head.