Volleyball drills for all skills


All stand slightly in front of 3 meter line with a ball. Throw ball in front of yourself on something in front of your batting shoulder. Drop the ball and it will fall on the line. If this happens then the throw is good.

A and b stand at the net and c stands opposite a. A throws ball to c and c keys diagonally to b, etc etc ....

  • In pairs with 1 ball. Player at the net throws the ball to the player in the back and he passes it back. If the pass is good you can continue to play overhead but be strict! 20 balls then change.
  • The same, only now you get short/long bales thrown at you. So the back player has to move forwards/backwards.
  • Team MUST play in 3 x (in case of score 2 points, in rally 1 bonus point).
    • so the team has no points if it goes in once or twice.
  • Trainer can go 1, 2 or 3 times.
  • At 3 times trainer has bonus points too.
  • Pay attention to the line-up (bowl), call loose, and play in threes, technique not important.
  • all 1 ball
  • serve quietly against the wall
  • try to catch the ball yourself.

- Going up and down bench with 1 foot

- Bench up and down with 2 feet

- 2 benches behind each other with a little space in between. You stand on 1 bench, jump off and then immediately jump over the other bench. Stand still and then sprint to the back line.


Basket volley. 4 against 4 with 1 basket. Scoring by overhead throwing technique. Throwing over only. When scored, start again at the back line.


Trainer throws ball over net/or calmly strikes a. A tests to b who stands on playmaker spot. B plays ball into the basket. Accent is on the passer.

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