Volleyball drills for all skills


Player stands in front of the court with a bucket above his head.
Trainer throws the ball over the net and the player has to catch it and throw the ball directly into the bucket in his own volleyball way.
If you succeed you can change and otherwise you change after x number of balls.
This can also be done on 2 sides.

Cupboard on mid-front and a child on top.

  • You can do this on 2 sides.
  • Maybe make a separation in level or have the kid chase the ball.
  • Trainer stands next to the cupboard and throws the ball at the player.
  • Player passes the ball to the player on the cupboard.
  • The smallest may also catch and throw to the player on the cupboard.
  • Player remains seated for a while and after a while (e.g. 10x) you switch.
  • All 1 ball and try to throw ball up and then test for yourself.
  • As often as you can
  • If the ball threatens to fall: catch it

2 teams with 1 hoop in their hands. Trainer throws ball over the net.

  • Two teams start at the backline and must drop the ball into the hoop after the bounce.
  • Two teams start at the net and move backwards and have to drop the ball in the hoop immediately.
  • Bring ball to trainer and in the back of the line.

Trainers throw ball to over the net and player:

  • Catch oh the ball
  • Catches bra the ball
  • Catches the ball sitting down
  • Catches the ball with 1 knee on the ground
  • Lying down on the ground, drops ball on buttocks.

2 or 3 louts (depends on the size of the group)

  • Keep in mind that there is a good catcher and a less good catcher.
  • If one person catches the ball then you change all the players at the same time so that the weakest player is never left standing!
  • 2 teams with a net in between
  • Serve towards each other.
  • Net lower if necessary.
  • Pay attention to technique
  • They have to catch the served ball!
  • If 5 times in a row your service is caught, you may step back.

Trainer throws ball over the net and player catches:

  • Underhand
  • Overhead
  • Sitting
  • Lying down and drops ball on buttocks
  • When you're finished, stand with both arms up.
  • One arm down through the other player, shout KNAK.
  • Arm 2 down by fellow player then shout WORST and you're free.