Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Just a little lower if necessary
  • Serve with 2 pairs quietly to each other.
  • the other tries to play the oh and then catch it, and thus serve
  • Pay attention to the right foot (lb in front of rh, vice versa).
  • Serve first straight, if necessary also diagonally.
  • Locker with a cone on top and then throw the cone off
  • Cupboard with basket on top and then throw the ball into it
  • 2 benches and then at the end cones and roll them over
  • Tjoep rack and then throw in the ball and catch it yourself
  • Place a basket and throw the ball in

These exercises have to be done using volleyball technical movements

  • 2 cabinets with pawns on them.
  • Stand at a distance
  • Players may throw the ball with the same throw off the pawn.
  • If you succeed you get a clip on your shirt / you have a point.
  • Players serve and may choose where they stand.
  • 2 at the same time.
  • If you serve in the hoop, the hoop is yours!
  • Player stands in the middle and has a bucket on his head
  • Trainer throws ball over the net
  • Player plays ball into the bucket via catching/throwing (OH) technique
  • get own ball
  • You lay down 1 mat less than the number of players.
  • You stand on the mat and try to throw the ball on the other mat.
  • If you succeed, that person is out and the other player can stand on the mat.
  • However, if you have hit a mat you must also change mats.
  • Doesn't matter which one.
  • So there is always 1 substitute but you are still in motion.
  • You are not finished if you catch the ball!
  • Then you can remain standing.
  • If you defend the ball with one hand, you are also out and you have to change back to a reserve player.

The player and ticker move like a kangaroo. Slightly through the knees and arms in front of the body. If you are caught, you help the ticker.

One tennis ball per player. Perform the task.

  • Bounce the tennis ball on the ground with 1 hand and catch it with 2 hands.
  • throw the tennis ball against the wall and catch it after bouncing.
  • throw the tennisball in the air and catch it yourself

2 teams with each on a line 3 reversed pawns. There is a middle line where they may not cross and they may not stand in front of a pawn. Move! They have to roll the pawn and not throw it. Only hit the ball with your hands and not with your feet. They learn to look and sit low.