Volleyball drills for all skills

  1. Mat and then you make a head roll
  2. Cupboard with an upside down pawn on top of it and then knock it over with the ball. You do this with 1 arm.
  3. Basket and then throw in the ball using a bra throwing motion.
  4. Bench upside down and walk over it.
  5. Cupboard and then climb the length of it and get down on the other side.
  • Trainer throws the ball to
  • Player catches the ball OH with hands and arms extended and
  • then throws directly over the net onto the mat.
    • Flowing movement.
  • Ball must be caught with hands and not pressed against body.


  • bra now


  • Trainer now throws alternately BH or OH

One ticker and one runner. When you are out you have to stand with legs wide and when someone crawls under you, you are free again.

Trainer throws ball and player catches ball with arms extended.

Idem, but now catch above the head

  • All standwith a ball
  • throw the ball and then 10 times:
    1. catch with right knee on the ground
    2. catch with left knee on the ground
    3. both knees on the ground
    4. sitting on the buttocks and catching
    5. lying on your back and catching
  • 2 teams with a net in between and 1 ball.
  • Throw the ball with
    • arms stretched out in front of the body
    • and 1 foot in front
    • to the other side

The same,

  • but now bounce the ball above the nose
  • Trainer throws ball over the net and player catches ball with arms extended.
  • Same, but now catch ball above the head.
  • Same, only now trainer throws high or low over the net so that the player has to figure out how to catch it.
  • When the player has caught the ball he rolls it under the net to the trainer.

In a big group the player has to put the ball in the box of the trainer.

I'm sure we've all been to the zoo.
We're going to mimic animals from one back line to the other back line.

  • Elephant, very big steps.
  • Mouse - very small steps
  • Kangaroo - jumps with 2 legs at the same time
  • Frog - frog jumps
  • Spider - on all fours
  • Flamingo= on 1 leg, so hopping
  • All 1 ball and throw and catch.

In the meantime:

  • touch the ground with 2 hands.
  • Turn around your own axis.
  • tap the ground with 1 knee
  • Trainer stands in the middle of the circle with a newspaper.
  • The children sit on the floor in the circle.
  • One person calls out a name
  • This person has to hit the trainer.
  • He/she has to hit the trainer, but he/she does not want to be hit so he/she calls another name as soon as possible.

After a while, a child in the circle changes names.