Volleyball drills for all skills


Throw ball up for yourself and smash over the net. Your buddy catches the ball or keys the ball up for himself.

  • All 1 ball
  • Throw a ball for yourself and play bra for yourself
  • For the club of 100 BH
1 with 1 bra technical throw over. This means coming from the knees to stretch and pushing the ball away from the forehead. The position of the hands around the ball in a bowl. Right leg in front. Idem, now on speed
  • Thrower sits down on his buttocks and stands up again immediately
  • A throws via oh throw movement to B
  • B tests the ball for himself and catches it.
  • Now B throws to A and A keys the ball 2x to himself and then catches it.
  • Continue to 10x keys!
Backwards tag. The ticker has a ribbon and gives it to the person who is the next ticker. Group in 2 or more tickers
2 by 2 throw the ball via oh throw motion over the net and then perform the task: - Tap the middle line - Change position - Touch the back line - Dive through the legs of the person who did not throw the ball.
6 people with 3 balls and 1 ticker. The one who has no ball can be tagged.
1 serves straight to 2. 2 moves from the net to the back and tests the ball to midfield. 3 catches the ball. Run after your ball.
2 teams with 1 ball and between them a hoop. Throw the ball for yourself and make a smash in the hoop. The other catches the ball. Throw high and both arms in the air! Back and forth. Same, only now who will be the first to make 10 good smashes and catches?