Volleyball drills for all skills

  • 3 teams with 1 ball.
  • Player 1 stands at the net and plays ball in the back of the court.
  • Player 3 tips that ball diagonally to player 2.
  • Player2 plays ball bra along the net to player 1.
  • Concentration!
  • Trainer stands on the backline and throws the ball to the midfielder.
  • Sv comes in from the right front and gives set up and it attacks.
  • Attacker is accent!
  • Trainer stands at the net and player takes ball out of hands of trainer.
  • Divide the group by length and adjust the height of the net accordingly.
  • Trainer throws the ball a little bit from the net and you start attacking.
  • Accent is on the run and both arms in the air!
  • All 1 ball and to the wall.
  • Throw ball in front of yourself and make a smash through the ground against the wall.
  • Make sure both hands are in the air and slam wrist over ball.
  • Per team 2 players to defend
  • One player in the middle to catch and/or place a hoop
  • The rest of the team will serve to score!
  • Which team needs the least number of services to pass 10 times correctly?
  • 2 teams serve each other calmly.
  • Throwing up is important so concentrate!
  • 2 teams with 1 ball.
  • 1 serves halfway the field.
  • The other lies on his belly and stands up quickly to serve.
  • Keys once for himself then serves himself.
  • Server does not hit the ball, server must time himself.
  • May be played overhand.

1 minute per exercise in 4 equal groups (about 4 per group).

  1. Abdominal exercise with ball in your hand. Lift your legs and touch the ball with your arms. Make sure they don't lift the ball from your neck.
  2. 3 hoops and as fast as possible through the hoops.
  3. With backs against each other and give the ball over your head to the other.
  4. Jumping on a mat
  1. 2 teams, 1 towel.
    • Trainer throws the ball over the net and
    • 2 catches the ball in the towel
    • Idem, but now the teams have
    • hands and form a circle and the ball is caught in that circle.