Volleyball drills for all skills


set up of equipment:

  • Goal in the middle of the field, with someone in it
  • Other players on the other side of the net.

Course of play:

  1. The players throw/strike the ball towards the goal and try to score in the goal.
  2. The player in the goal (blue) tries to keep the balls out of the goal.

Set the net as low as possible.


Arrangement of equipment:

  • marking discs/hats all over the field.

Course of play:

  1. Players walk around the field.
    Different walking forms: skipping, knees high, feet against poo, jumping, frog-jumping,...
  2. At the moment the trainer calls out a certain word, the players must put a hat on their head as quickly as possible.
    There is one hat less than the number of children there are.

Can also be done with ball; dribble (left, right, alternating), possibly with the hat on their ball.


Arrangement of material:

  • Mat against a wall
  • Player 1 (blue) near the mat
  • Other players (red), behind a certain line (depends on players)

Game flow:

  1. The players behind the line throw the ball to the mat
  2. Player 1 tries to keep the ball from the mat, he can do this with various movements.
    As soon as one of the players touches the mat, they may take a marker from Player 1.
    If Player 1 has no more marker disc, he loses and another player may take it. (number to choose, for example 5)

  • Players start on the three-metre line in pairs facing each other.
  • One player has the ball.
  • At 6 meters from the net there is a cone behind each player.
  • Players do a control key and then pass the ball over the net.
  • Then they run around the cone behind them.
  • The same, but after passing the ball they dive to the cone and get ready again.
  • Player does a control key, turns around and keys the ball backwards over the net.
  • Then he does a block and returns to his home position.
  • Per trio.
  • Player A does the control key and plays the ball over the net.
  • Player B does reception, C stands at the net and taps the ball high over, then he dives through B's legs and they switch places.
  • Players play two against two.
  • Each time the ball is over, they walk over to the other side of the net and join in behind.
  • The goal is to keep the ball in play as long as possible.
  • If a team makes a mistake, they have to dive to the other side.
  • Often the volleyball field is divided into six positions, you can also divide the field into nine sections of three by three meters.
  • This can be of value in coaching, service and (tactical) attack.
  • I let the group hold hands and then call a number below ten.
  • The group must then move as quickly as possible to the appropriate section.
  • Tip: After practicing this, I call out a number under ten at practice and have players point to the appropriate section on the court.

2 goes over with pass.


  • Tap wall, fellow player may play 1x for himself.
  • Touching the line
  • Knee touching the ground
  • Touch the ground on the buttocks


Supplies: A stick about 2.5 meters long and 1 to 2 cm thick.

  • The group gets the assignment to put the stick on the ground but it has to stay horizontal.
  • The group stands up straight (see drawing) and stretches both forefingers to the front at shoulder width and the upper and lower arms are at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • The trainer places the bar on the forefingers pointing forward.
  • From this position, the group should try to bring the bar down to the ground.
  • The bar must remain horizontal and not be raised or lowered on any side.
  • The bar should not be grabbed either!
  • Make groups of three, one with the ball.
  • One throws the ball over the net into a 3x3m square, the passer stands in that square and passes the ball to the net where it is caught.
  • Provide a second ball for a faster game.
  • After ten balls turn around.
  • Possibly start with catching then build up to playing.