Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Player stands in the middle and has a bucket on his head
  • Trainer throws ball over the net
  • Player plays ball into the bucket via catching/throwing (OH) technique
  • get own ball
  • You lay down 1 mat less than the number of players.
  • You stand on the mat and try to throw the ball on the other mat.
  • If you succeed, that person is out and the other player can stand on the mat.
  • However, if you have hit a mat you must also change mats.
  • Doesn't matter which one.
  • So there is always 1 substitute but you are still in motion.
  • You are not finished if you catch the ball!
  • Then you can remain standing.
  • If you defend the ball with one hand, you are also out and you have to change back to a reserve player.

The player and ticker move like a kangaroo. Slightly through the knees and arms in front of the body. If you are caught, you help the ticker.

One tennis ball per player. Perform the task.

  • Bounce the tennis ball on the ground with 1 hand and catch it with 2 hands.
  • throw the tennis ball against the wall and catch it after bouncing.
  • throw the tennisball in the air and catch it yourself

2 teams with each on a line 3 reversed pawns. There is a middle line where they may not cross and they may not stand in front of a pawn. Move! They have to roll the pawn and not throw it. Only hit the ball with your hands and not with your feet. They learn to look and sit low.

  1. Mat and then you make a head roll
  2. Cupboard with an upside down pawn on top of it and then knock it over with the ball. You do this with 1 arm.
  3. Basket and then throw in the ball using a bra throwing motion.
  4. Bench upside down and walk over it.
  5. Cupboard and then climb the length of it and get down on the other side.
  • Trainer throws the ball to
  • Player catches the ball OH with hands and arms extended and
  • then throws directly over the net onto the mat.
    • Flowing movement.
  • Ball must be caught with hands and not pressed against body.


  • bra now


  • Trainer now throws alternately BH or OH

One ticker and one runner. When you are out you have to stand with legs wide and when someone crawls under you, you are free again.


Trainer throws ball and player catches ball with arms extended.

Idem, but now catch above the head

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